What role does offshore wind have to play in the UK's energy mix?

With the conservative Government proposing a cap on onshore wind farms and offshore wind farms booming in recent years, wind energy at the top of many people's agendas.  Whether you're a supporter or not it's now time to take wind power seriously, and those who have invested in energy efficient appliances and lessened their dependency on gas are excellently positioned to benefit long term. 


Wind is a natural energy resource which simply won't run out, and the UK is in one of the best positions to take advantage. Did you know that the UK has the longest coastline of any country in Europe? We also have some of the highest wind speeds which puts wind energy generation at the top of the list when it comes to Britain's energy future.  Energy Minister Michael Fallon has recognised this, and said this week, "The UK is currently the best country in the world to invest in offshore wind."


Of course, offshore wind isn't the only solution to our potential energy woes, but it does have an increasingly imporant role to play. That's why it's necessary for us to get investment into the sector now - in order to secure our future.  Britain's future will be made up of a diverse mix of energy supplies, but in order to meet our carbon reduction obligations and do our part we need to be favouring low carbon methods of energy generation - maximising the role off shore wind farms play is a great way to make sure of this. 





Last week the country recieved a renewable energy 'boost' from the Government as it announced its financial support for 8 new development projects across the country.  The funding could secure £12bn worth of private sector investment aswell as 8000 jobs and another 4.5 Gigawatts of low carbon electricity into the mix. The benefit of offshore windfarms rather than onshore, is their ability to run and produce electricity at around 95% capacity consistently. Scale will play a big factor and it's important that Britain gets its energy mix just right to secure a green energy future. There is currently a great deal of opposition to the Conservative plan to reduce onshore windfarm (or at least limit them) but they too will play in important part in the energy mix. If we keep wind 'open' as an enterprise then we may even attract international investment and encourage some international suppliers to locate their manufacturing plants here. 




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