What Are the Most Economic Electric Heaters?

Choosing the most economic electric heater is like choosing your favourite child – unfair and impossible. All our heaters, despite their different features, have one thing in common: they are more or less economic depending on how and where you use them. But how do you make sure the heater you’re after is the most economic choice for your house?

First of all, you have to make sure that the electric heater you’re considering has the appropriate strength for the room you want to heat. Unless you’re planning to use your electric heater as a booster for your main radiators, or you want to move it around whenever and wherever it’s needed, then choosing a heater that isn’t too weak or too powerful for your room is important. An electric heater that is too strong for your room will simply cause you to spend more money. Why overspend if you’re not going to use your heater to its full potential? Whereas a needlessly powerful heater will result in a higher upfront cost, an electric heater that isn’t strong enough will still cause you some degree of trouble. Whether they are electric panel heaters or free-standing ones, a lot of our heaters feature thermostats. Their job is to maintain your desired temperature by turning the heater on and off, saving you money. However, if the electric heater you chose is too weak for your room, it will have to work much harder to keep up the temperature in a room it wasn’t designed for, wasting money rather than saving it.  

Ecostrad Eco+Other than this, there is no real way of finding out whether the heater you’re interested in is the most economic electric heater. It’s rather the features that our electric heaters have, not the design or brand, that makes them economical. Firstly, the timer available in most of our electric heaters allows you to set up heating schedules for 24 hours or 24/7, such as the Ecostrad Eco Electric Panel Heater, which you can set with a day-by-day, hour-by-hour scheule. This way, you don’t have to do anything manually as your heater does all of the work for you – you’ll probably forget it’s even there. For example, you can set your electric heater to turn off an hour after your bedtime, ensuring that your bedroom doesn’t go cold before you fall asleep. The thermostat on the other hand, watches the temperature and ensures it stays at your desired level. By turning on and off, it maintains the temperature exactly or very close to the one you want. These two features combined result in your heater working only for a fraction of the time, making you significant savings you’ll appreciate after checking your next bill!

However economical our electric heaters are, it’s important to remember that they are not the most convenient way of heating your whole house on a daily basis. We do not recommend using electric heaters as your primary source of heating: an electric heater is less economical in the long term than an electric radiator. An electric heater can be a great heating solution for the rooms you use infrequently, such as small house offices or guest bedrooms, as it provides on-demand heat that spreads quickly, whilst its intelligent features ensure you’re not overspending on your bills. If you think such heater might be the solution for you, visit us at Electric Radiators Direct and find the most economic electric heater for your house today!

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