UK Companies Are Warned That Energy Efficiency is Now a 'Necessity'

BM TRADA are a company responsible for awarding energy management efficiency certificates to business across Europe. They work on behalf of companies, encouraging them to streamline their energy usage and operate in a more cost-effective way, while also serving as an 'energy watchdog' for big corporations. They have today warned that public sector organisations (such as transport networks and the NHS), are leaving themselves wide open to financial risk due to poor energy management. 


They implied in a report that big organisation weren't putting energy as high up on their priority list as they should. They also pointed out that concerns over energy security, worries about reaching carbon emissions targets and general regulatory pressure were making the issue of energy a "necessity" for all business, not a PR nicety. At the moment, businesses which operate in a 'green' way are able to use this to their advantage, often flaunting it to the public as a reason to do business with them. While this is all well and good, BM TRADA are concerned that some businesses aren't taking it seriously enough. 


Energy-heavy industries such as transport, food producers and public sector operations like schools and hospitals were at the most risk. The study outlined that these sectors have "the most to gain" from looking at their energy suppliers, their energy usage policies and their general "energy management". Failure to improve on the way the use and value energy could leave these businesses wide open to financial pressures and market uncertainties, as well as putting their reputation right on the line. 




Last year, the public service industry's carbon footprint in the UK amassed to almost 75 tonnes. BM TRADA think that taking control of the issue and forcing these companies into action could reduce that by a significant amount. Tom Johnston is their chief Operating Officer of Central Certification Services and he said, "The cost of energy is rising rapidly, fuelled in part by growing concern over energy security, and it is the business and public sectors that are feeling the financial impact the most. At the same time, energy efficiency is now firmly on government agendas in a bid to tackle carbon emissions and wastage in the industrial sector is being met with increasingly heavy penalties." What they are saying isn't anything surprising, nor is it anything especially new, but it does reinforce the obvious - that public sector companies and large businesses have a very real responsibility to handle their energy affairs as efficiently and cost-effective as possible for the good of us all. 




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