Think you know your thermostat? Let's bust some myths...

The way we use our thermostats at home tends to vary enormously. Some of us plan for the long term, setting a regimented schedule for the season ahead, whereas other tend to be a little more relaxed, turning it up when we need it and down we don't. But new research has just surfaced which suggests that over 60% of us are making at least one error, which could be costing us a lot of money when it comes to our quarterly bill. Below are 5 myths that the report highlighted. How many of them are you currently buying into?


1. Turning the thermostat up will heat the room quicker

We've all done it. We get home early from work on a cold December day and we pop the thermostat up higher than we normally would to get the room to heat up. The truth is, it won't get your room back to a comfortable temperature any sooner. If your desired temperature is 23 degrees, turning it up to 29 degrees isn't going to get it there any faster at all. A thermostat doesn't control the speed at which your home heats up, it only controls the very final temperature, and tell the boiler to stop when it is reached. 


2. If it's a bit colder outside, turn the thermostat up

The report we mentioned above claims that a whopping 52% of people do this in their homes.  The main purpose of your thermostat is to keep your home at a desired temperature regardless of what's going on outside. If you set the thermostat to 22 degrees, it wouldn't matter if it was 20 degrees or -3 degrees outside, your home should still hit 22 degrees and even out. The only difference is that your boiler will have to work harder to heat your home when it's cold out, and that's where our high winter bills come from - but that's nothing to do with the thermostat. 



3. Keep you water heater on to make sure there's hot water when you need it

Sounds like a no-brainer, but over 30% of people still keep their water boiler on constantly when they need hot water. They think that, if it's not on all day, it'll run out when they come to do the dishes or take a bath or shower. The Energy Savers Trust recommmends that you pop your water heater on for half an hour before you get up in the morning to take a shower, and maybe have it come on for an extra half hour in the afternoon if you're going to be doing things like washing up or bathing in the evening. Having it on any more than that is regarded as a waste of money... and it's adding to your bill!


4. Leaving the heating on a low temperature constantly is better than switching it on and off

38% of people think this is the best way to heat their homes, and it could be costing them dearly. It's far better to invest in a good thermostat, or find a heating solution that gives you a larger element of control over your heating, than leave it on all the time. An energy efficient electric radiator for example will let you set advanced programs so that every room in your house can effectively run on its own schedule and have its own temperature. 


5. Keeping electric storage heaters on all the time

38% of storage heater owners don't fully understand how they work. Electric storage heaters are designed to work by using cheaper, off-peak electricity to "charge up" overnight and then releasing the heat during the day. A standard electric storage heater has two controls, an Output setting and an Input setting. The Output setting will control how much heat the heater gives out (as long as there is stored heat available). The Input control determines how much electricity the heater will take from the grid during the coming night, and hence how much stored heat will be available the following day. If you're a storage heater owner and would like more information, you can always contact us - we're happy to help!




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