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Should you trust energy price comparison sites?

In the constant struggle to save money on our energy bills, many of us are often tempted to look at price comparison websites and what they offer. Some warn against using these services, while other praise them for finding them a good deal, but can they really be that effective?Ofgem, the energy watchdogs, have been monitoring them for a while and have recently introduced some new measures to make their services more useful for homeowners throughout the UK.

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What role do price comparison sites play in the energy market?

Today, the chairman of Co-operative Energy accused price comparison sites of ‘misleading’ customers and, as a result, increasing energy prices. Ramsay Dunning named uSwitch, Moneysupermarket.com and Energy Helpline, and gestured for them to come forward and reveal how much they charge in commission every time a customer switched accounts. Is this just political mud-throwing or is there some substance to the accusations?

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