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Is Winter a Good Time to use your Conservatory?

Absolutely yes!

Conservatories are a popular option in the UK. Since the weather can be ridiculously variable, changing from beautiful sunshine into heavy rain within minutes, reading a book in your garden or having a meal in the fresh air can turn into mission impossible at any time. A conservatory can take care of this problem, allowing you to enjoy your garden while shielding you from possible rainfall or chilly wind. However, a well-heated conservatory can be a lot more.

Your conservatory could be a playroom, an office, a gym or a dining room, the possibilities are endless, but without a heating system, you might find yourself using your conservatory only now and again during the summer. This way, you’re completely losing out on the possibilities such space provides. 

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Building a Conservatory? Things to Consider

For whatever the reason, building your perfect conservatory is a big undertaking; it requires a lot of time, effort and often money. However, if you do choose to go through with the project then it can lead to many benefits such as adding to the value of the house, and increasing the living space available, saving you from having to move to a different house. If you are thinking of building a conservatory then you have to think of the reasons why; you may think that it can be a waste of money, but if constructed right then a conservatory costing between £5000-£30,000, can add up to around 7% of the overall house value.

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