Renewable Energy and the Election

Following Monday’s investigation of what political parties are really promising for energy prices, here’s our breakdown of party promises for renewable energy!


Where do the five major parties stand on renewable energy? What targets are Labour setting for decarbonisation? Where do the Conservatives stand on fracking? What are the Lib Dems’ plans for the coal industry? How will the Green Party use the Green Investment Bank? Where do UKIP stand on climate change?


Find out now in our easy-read manifesto breakdown.


All efforts have been made to make this comparison as unbiased as possible. All analysis is based on party manifestos. Where one party receives more attention than another it is because it has provided more information in its manifesto.


Renewable Energy Targets


Instigate a legal target to remove carbon from our electricity supply by 2030 



Push for a goal of limiting global warming to two-degrees

Cut carbon emissions “as cheaply as possible”

Continue to support the Climate Change Act


Liberal Democrats

Pass a Zero Carbon Britain Act to set a legally binding target to bring net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050

Set in law a decarbonisation target of 50-100g of CO2 per kWh by 2030 


Green Party

Work to cut energy demand by one third by 2020, one half by 2030 and two-thirds by 2050

Set in law a decarbonisation target of 25-50g of CO2 per kWh by 2030 



Repeal the Climate Change Act

Scrap the Large Combustion Plant Directive

Stop the EU’s planned Medium Combustion Plant Directive


Renewable Energy


UK energy mix will include renewables



End public subsidies for wind farms

Will provide start-up funding for promising renewables that offer clear value for money


Liberal Democrats

Encourage onshore wind in appropriate locations


Green Party

Invest substantial amounts of public money in renewable energy until 2030

Ensure that all schools, hospitals and public buildings are fitted with solar panels by 2020

Aim for 42GW of offshore wind by 2020 and 60GW by 2030

Aim for 25GW of solar energy by 2020



Will support and invest in hydropower

Will withdraw public subsidies for wind and solar power


Fossil Fuels


Energy mix will include green gas and clean coal

Will “safeguard the future” of the offshore oil and gas industry

Explore potential for carbon storage

Energy mix will contain nuclear power

 A robust environmental and regulatory regime must be establised before fracking can take place



Continued support of North Sea oil and gas

Continued expansion of nuclear energy sector

Continued support of fracking


Liberal Democrats

Ensure electricity generation from unabated coal will stop by 2025

Gas stations built after 2030 must be fitted with Carbon Capture and Storage Technology

Encourage onshore wind in appropriate locations

Will "accept that new nuclear power stations can play a role in low-carbon electricity”, provided that environmental concerns are met and plants are not funded by public subsidies

Fracking efforts must be properly regulated to protect our environment

Establish a fund to use 50% of tax revenues from shale gas to fund environmentally friendly projects

Require that finished shale gas wells must be offered up to geothermal heat developers at no cost


Green Party

Phase out fossil fuel based generation

End fossil fuel industry tax breaks

Close all coal-fired power stations by 2023

Support carbon capture and storage as a transitional technology

Phase out nuclear power within ten years

Ban all UK fracking operations and any other new fossil fuel developments



Encourage the re-development of British power stations

Halt the decline of coal power stations and seek private funding to develop new, efficient plants

Discontinue the carbon floor tax on the basis that carbon capture and storage is used

Energy mix will include nuclear power

Supports the development of shale gas provided safeguards are in place to protect local communities and the environment

Income from shale gas operations will be used for lower council taxes or local community projects



For more information on the promises, proposals and principles of the parties above, why not consult their manifestos? It's a great way to find out exactly what they're promising.

Until the 7th of May, then, we wait impatiently to discover the future of UK energy...




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