Panel Heaters: Last Minute Solutions for Guest Room Heating

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In the frantic run up to Christmas, with never-ending to-do lists and lightning fast days, it’s easy to overlook the smaller details. So, if Christmas is looming and you’ve not yet sorted the heating in your guest bedroom, there’s no need to panic! Electric panel heaters offer a quick and easy solution for those last minute needs.

Cost Effective Occasional Heating

Ecostrad Eco 9+Panel heaters are an inexpensive heating solution – perfect for Christmas time where expenditure is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Their simple design means they usually have a lower price tag than electric radiators, and coupled with their quick and effective heat transmission, they’re ideal for warming those lesser-used rooms around the house. Panel heaters warm rooms by convection only, which does make them prone to heat loss through open doors, especially in spaces where people come and go regularly. However, for rooms that are used infrequently throughout the year, they still fit the bill as you can accommodate visitors at a moment's notice. As guests and family get caught up in the revelry of Christmas, you’ll likely find that your secondary rooms will only be used for short periods, and it’s this sporadic use that panel heaters are designed for: just switch them on and enjoy comforting warmth in moments.

Flexible Heating Solution

Historically, panel heaters have been tarnished with a poor reputation when it comes to usability, but this need not be the case nowadays. Their functionality ranges from budget models with a basic on/off option to more sophisticated smart panel heaters that have 24/7 programming capabilities that can be tailored to your needs. Their precision digital thermostats ensure your guests are nice and snug, without wasting energy and the digital interfaces amongst our range of panel heaters makes adjusting the temperature a breeze. If your guests find it hard to venture out of their warm, toasty bed on a crisp December morning, choose a remote controllable panel heater like the Ecostrad Eco 9+. Fully adjustable from the comfort of their sheets, this will ease them into the Christmas cheer.

Adaptable to Suit Any Space

Ecostrad Eco 15+Panel heaters can be wall-mounted or free standing to suit their surroundings. For guest bedrooms that are a little on the small side, a wall panel heater may be the best choice to help maximise your floor space. This is a slightly more permanent fixture though, so if your plan is to bundle up your panel heater and store it away until next year, free-standing is the way to go. Panel heaters are slimline and lightweight, so they won’t protrude too far from the wall and get in the way, and if used freestanding, they can be moved around with ease. Both fittings provide quick installation options and panel heaters are quick to heat up, so even if you have an unannounced visitor over the festive period, your guest bedroom will be ready for use in no time!

Whatever your requirements or budget this Christmas, Electric Radiators Direct have the perfect panel heater to make your home cosy and inviting over the festive season. View our full range of panel heaters today.

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