Fighting back against predicted 10% energy price hikes

It has been predicted that UK energy customers could be facing a further 10% price rise over the next few months. EnergyHelpline has made the statement as they fear another round of price rises is about to hit the market. But there are alternatives for those people who want to think laterally.


energy billsThe news comes as the Big Six energy providers were accused of profiteering off the backs of UK consumers to the tune of £3.7 billion over just three years. Labour has this week pointed out that this represents a 73% increase in profits for the Big Six and has seen household bills increase by around £300 per year to more than £1400. Labour have said that this shows that energy companies are completely out of touch with the average customer. Price rises of a further 5-10% would increase bills by another £70 -£140 on average.


Energyhelpline is a price comparison site which looks at the energy market on behalf of their customers. Mark Todd from the site has said that the introduction of a number of fixed price deals and some discounted rates were typically a sign of price rises to come and this has happened over the last few weeks.


Meanwhile the spokesperson for EnergyUK, Angela Knight, has said that the energy industry pays millions in taxes and employs more than 600,000 people in the UK. She feels that it did not deserve the current “bashing”. She points out that the government needs to have a debate on exactly what the mix of energy should be and more importantly, how much people are willing to pay for it.


This current news is just another in a long list of arguments for why it is better to try and opt out of the current energy supply system as much as possible. One of the best ways of doing this is to run your household electrics on renewable energy and use underfloor heating, electric radiators, solid fuel burners and immersion heaters to provide the hot water and heating required in the home.


In fact, in the past, the government suggested that home-owners embrace electricity and that it would be the future of clean energy in this country. However, with the possibility of fracking and shale gas on the horizon and a number of policies geared towards making it harder, rather than easier to use renewable forms of energy – it has become something which obviously needs to start at a grass roots level.


The fact is that with a little investment you can live virtually off-grid – avoiding price hikes and being entirely green at the same time. Thanks to climate change, our Summers are warmer, the days are sunnier and solar panels work even better than ever. Wind turbines and other renewable energy sources are also coming down in price, making this a realistic option for many.


So, if you really want to avoid the predicted price hikes, you need to think ahead and consider the benefits of electricity over gas and about how you can generate your own. Who knows, in time you could be living a life which is entirely insulated from energy price increases and totally self-reliant!