Energy efficiency: Is your business burning money?

Want to hear something alarming? Almost three quarters of all businesses in the UK have very little idea what their company spends on electricity from year to year. Success doesn't come cheap, and companies are constantly looking for ways to maximise profit and cut back costs - so why does energy take a back seat? If you're a business owner, do you know what you spend on energy? Or what switching suppliers or investing in energy saving appliances could save you?


A study by Westinghouse Solar recently questioned 250 finance directors, financial officers, managing directors and chief executives from small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK. Not only were 73% unaware of their energy expenses, 60% of them had no idea how much their bills had increased over the last 6 years, which means that they won't have any idea on how this has affected their business.  The study revealed a few more interesting details too. 


energy bills


7 out of 10 of the respondents said that the Government should be doing more to shake up the energy market and bring bills down, but only around a quarter said that energy expenses were something they brought up at regular managerial meetings. This seems surprising given the amount a medium sized business can spend on energy in a year - if they could bring down their fixed costs why wouldn't they? Why is energy not top of the agenda for every burgeoning business in the UK? Perhaps it was some of the smaller energy companies who are offering more accessible and affordable tariffs may gain some headway in their battle to get a foothold amid the monopoly of the big six. 


The Government itself has actually moved focus away from large solar panel farms, despite signing off on some large projects recently, and offered incentives for commercial properties to get solar panels fitted. The idea is a sound one - that large business operating in large buildings can use their roofspace to make solar energy, use the energy themselves and then either sell the excess back into the national grid or power local business and homes around them for a subsidy. In many ways, this makes perfect business sense and it's suprising that more business who operate in their own buildings haven't pursued something along these lines. 


As well as energy providers, businesses need to also consider the appliances and electronics they use. Something as simple as switching to energy efficient electric radiators could make all the difference at the office, allowing more control over how it is heated and at what times. Most buildings are regulated from a base thermometer which doesn't allow much opportunity for cost saving or cutting back - electric radiators would allow control on a per floor or per room basis, so if one employee preferred it cooler in their office or a group preferred it warmer on their floor, you could easily accomodate them - and perhaps save money in the process!




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