Eco-Friendly Heating

Eco-friendly heatingEnvironmental concerns are a hot-button issue at the moment as governments across the globe are beginning to realise the full effects modernisation has had on our planet. Over the last few decades, we’ve all had to become more eco-conscious and try to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Being more energy aware will help to reduce the effects of global warming and promote smarter use of our resources. In particular, the government is making a push towards making homes more energy efficient and the main way it aims to achieve this is through making our heating more eco-friendly.  

Why eco-friendly heating?

Eco-friendly heatingAccording to statistics, we spend roughly 62% of our domestic fuel and energy use on heating our homes. This is by and large due to our colder climate, but the fact remains that there’s plenty of scope to reduce this figure. The average British citizen is thought to produce just under 1.5 tons of CO2 from heating their home alone. When you take into account every person and every home in the UK, it’s a figure that quickly adds up. Part of the issue is that many of our homes are still fitted with older, less efficient heating methods that haven’t been upgraded or replaced in years. These older systems mean that homeowners use more energy trying to maintain comfort temperatures and end up out-of-pocket when it comes to paying their bills. 

An additional factor is that many home heating systems are reliant on fossil fuels like gas, coal and oil which are continuing to rise in price as supplies dwindle. These heating systems are becoming rapidly unsustainable, which is part of the reason the government is seeking for them to be replaced by eco-friendly alternatives. The price of energy has effected everyone and is why it’s so important to reduce this usage where we can.

Developments in heating efficiency

The advancement of heating technology means that today’s heaters offer much higher energy-efficiency levels compared with previous systems. New digital innovations have provided us with extra energy-saving features which allow us to monitor our usage more closely. Functions like digital programming let us control and zone our heating effectively so we only use energy as and when we need it.

Nowhere has this revolution in efficient technology been more pronounced than in the world of electric heating. The advent of precision thermostats, fast-acting dry thermal elements and digital programmers has allowed us to manufacture next generation electric radiators which are a world apart from the old-fashioned storage heaters which have given electric heating a bad name for decades by guzzling electricity through the night. The control features offered by electric radiators provide much more scope for energy management and zoning, so much so that for some people they are now the system of choice over gas central heating.

Eco-friendly radiators – the RC Wave

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric RadiatorsAll of our electric radiators reflect this emphasis on control and adaptability by incorporating 24/7 digital programmers and precision thermostats to ensure that energy waste is greatly reduced. Our flagship radiator, the RC Wave, represents the pinnacle of this technology and has provided many homes across the country with efficient, reliable heating.

By allowing users to create their own custom heating schedule, the RC Wave all but eliminates instances of energy being wasted by forgetting to turn off the heater. The Wave takes care of everything by switching itself on and off at set times provided by the programmed schedule. It even includes functions for a separate heating plan for weekends – an option that many central heating systems can’t offer.

Energy efficiency isn’t just important in domestic settings, it’s also incredibly important for commercial spaces too. Businesses use huge amounts of energy keeping employees warm, rooms lit, computers running and hand-dryers blowing.

Our eco-friendly hand dryers

From heaters to hand dryers

It’s not just large scale heaters that have an impact on the environment. In a busy office, hand dryers may be used hundreds of times a day, so an inefficient model will waste huge amounts of energy over time.

We always look to source the most eco-friendly appliances for use in our head office, so when our staff bathrooms were renovated we looked straight to HandyDryers, who are Carbon Trust accredited for their work in eco-friendly technology development. Their pioneering Kangorillo 2 Hand  leads the market in its provision of eco-friendly hand drying. The Kangorillo 2 is the only hand dryer on the market to feature a sensor which measures the air temperature and adjusts the dryer’s heat output accordingly – working in a very similar way to the thermostats in our radiators to keep the use of power down to an absolute minimum.

Heat your home, not the planet

Once old appliances or heaters are replaced, they often recoup their losses quickly purely because they’re using less energy to do the same amount of work. It’s a false economy to hang onto old heaters just because it costs money to change them; they often work out as the much more expensive option due to their higher long term running costs. Whether you’re looking to heat an entire building or just your hands, purchasing an energy efficient product will work wonders for your bills and the environment. 

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