Best Electric Radiators

When you’re looking for a new electric radiator, it can be quite daunting and – let’s face it – a bit of a headache sifting through the myriad pages of products as you do your research. Will it have all the features you want? Is it energy efficient? Will it fit in the space available? More importantly, is it within my budget? The constant barrage of statistics and details can be enough to make anyone’s eyes glaze over in disinterest. Save yourself the confusion of scrolling wildly though endless products because we’ve made a quick guide to our three bestselling ranges of electric radiators that are sure to tick all your boxes!

Cointra Apolo – the low-cost radiators with modern functionality

Wall mounted Cointra Apolo radiatorBudget dictates the majority of our purchases and if your electric radiator is no exception, look no further than the Cointra Apolo range which include similar functions to more premium models but at a lower price. The design may be a little utilitarian, especially next to our other customer favourites below, but beneath its minimalist casing is reliable thermal fluid technology that really gets the job done. Inside the Apolo are liquid elements which spread heat evenly over its surface and also have excellent heat retention properties which help to keep running costs low. In terms of accessibility, Cointra Apolo radiators are fully programmable and let you manage your heating down to the hour for every day of the week using the LCD control panel. Not only does this allow you to create a completely customised schedule around your routine but it helps to reduce heating at unnecessary times. Alongside the 24/7 programmer is an accurate thermostat to help keep the room an optimum temperature, and also a thermal safety limiter for added peace of mind. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, and it’s the one to choose if you don’t really need any further additional features – just efficient, flexible heating.

Haverland RC Wave – fantastic all-rounder with stylish contemporary design

Wall mounted RC Wave electric radiatorAs slimline electric radiators go, there aren’t many radiator designs with the ‘wow factor’ of the RC Wave. The RC Wave heats using enclosed dry thermal elements which warm up quickly and means that there’s no risk of leaking from the radiator or wall-blackening which can occur with other cheaper heaters. Where the Apolo offers basic 24/7 programming, the RC Wave has capabilities which let you program four separate weekly routines that you can switch between as and when required. If you have a schedule built around your work routine but are going on holiday for a week, you can use your additional preset to create a ‘holiday mode’ where you may only need minimal heating and change it when you get back without having to reprogram the whole system. There are other nice little extra features offered by the RC Wave that the budget range doesn’t have. For instance, the RC Wave’s programming panel is lockable and is useful if you have small children who may be tempted to play with the buttons, and in the event of a power cut the in-built memory will keep your settings for up to 4 hours after being disconnected from the mains. If you want even more control over your programming, an optional remote control lets you make adjustments to your heating for every half-hour and can be used for any other RC Wave radiators you might have in the house. Managing your heating from your sofa is a lot more preferable than having to get up and fiddle with a small digital display, so the remote control is another nice touch the RC Wave offers. The RC Wave is a little more expensive than the Apolo but is the whole package of looks, convenience and rapid heating.

Haverland SmartWave – cutting edge, intelligent heating for the future

Haverland SmartWave electric radiatorThe SmartWave incorporates the sleek and iconic housing of the RC Wave but really ups the ante in the level of convenience offered. As the name suggests, the SmartWave is one of the most intelligent radiators on the market and is able to work out your daily routine, pre-empting your heating needs just before you’re due to come home. The infrared sensor can detect movement and will heat the radiator when it senses that the room is occupied, then using its unique self-learning program, it will learn your habits over the course of a week and create a schedule around your comings and goings. You can’t fool the SmartWave – if you don’t come home when expected, it will switch itself off after 30 minutes; or if you come home early, the sensor will turn the radiator on when it detects your arrival. Optional wi-fi controls give you even greater control over your heating as the SmartWave can be purchased with a Smart Box which connects your radiator to your internet connection. Through the easy-to-use app, you can change your heating from your phone, computer or tablet from wherever you are, or if you prefer you can just leave it all up to the SmartWave. This is becoming an increasingly popular option as people become more conscious about their energy usage habits and can help you cut down on unnecessary heating. Wall mounted electric radiators offer the most inconspicuous fitting for the home and the SmartWave is so slim (7.5cm!) that it encroaches minimally into the room. You could liken it to a faithful butler, anticipating your needs before you even know you need them, and is what makes this radiator the ultimate in modern convenience. It’s all the plus points of the RC Wave but with next-gen capabilities and which raise it head-and-shoulders above everything else on the market.

Our top three ranges of electric radiators are suitable for most applications and are available in a range of sizes and wattages, both with freestanding and mounted options. If your budget is your chief concern, check out our Apolo range for an inexpensive but effective heating solution; but if you’re looking for advanced controls and programming with little to no effort, you may want to set your sights on the SmartWave. Reasonably priced but still affording a great deal of convenience, the RC Wave is the best of both worlds which is why it’s our no.1 seller. Electric Radiators Direct are the sole suppliers of Haverland’s RC Wave in the UK so you’re guaranteed to get the best price though us.  We’ve handpicked all of the products on our site because we believe they reflect the best quality electric radiators on the market so if you’re looking for an electric radiator for your home, these three ranges make a fantastic starting point for your search. 


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