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  1. How do low glare infrared heaters work?

    1. The reason low glare heaters are able to operate with a reduced glow is because they use a specially manufactured heating tube designed to emit less light. They’re often paired with reflectors that are similarly tailored toward reducing the amount of light produced. Though they emit a reduced amount light, you needn’t think that you’re purchasing an inferior product that’s not up to the task! Low glare products still provide the robust heat needed for chilly outdoor areas but without the inconvenience of a bright glow that some may find too harsh.

  2. Are glowing outdoor heaters harmful?

    1. There are a lot of misconceptions about infrared heating. Words like ‘infrared’ and ‘radiation’ can sound intimidatingly clinical and scientific to the average consumer, and when combined with the strong glow associated with outdoor heaters, it’s only too easy to understand why some people might assume that infrared products are somehow dangerous. The truth is infrared products are no more perilous than any other home heating appliance, and, as with any other appliance, you should have no issues with them so long as you use them sensibly.

      The glow created by outdoor heaters is due to the fact that the heating elements need to get to a high temperature to create the more intense form of radiant heat required. It’s the same type of radiation that’s given off by a roaring bonfire, which casts a warming orange light into its surroundings and gives off an invigorating warmth that people love to gather around. However, just like a bonfire, this type of radiant heat will start to become uncomfortable if you’re near it for too long, which is why glowing outdoor heaters don’t make suitable solutions for everyday indoor use.

      The glow created by shortwave outdoor infrared heaters can be harsh on the eyes, which is why we would always advise users to mount or position these products in such a way that prevents people from looking directly into them when in use. Ultra-low glare products often make the best purchases for those who plan to use their heater on a fairly regular basis as these are designed to significantly reduce the amount of light produced.

      Like any other electrical heating product, infrared outdoor heaters are built to very strict regulations to ensure they’re safe for customer use. All of our heating products are certified with the CE mark to indicate that they’re compliant with EU directives regarding health and safety.

  3. What safety features do quartz heaters have?

    1. Most quartz heaters have a protective grille to prevent the hot heating elements from being touched by accident although it should be noted that some are more effective than others. For instance, on some products with a lower IP rating, the gap between the bars may not be large enough for an adult’s fingers to bypass but a child’s fingers may be narrow enough to reach through. This might not be a problem for a quartz heater that will be mounted high up on the wall but it might pose an issue if you intend to purchase a free standing heater that may be used near children.

      All of our products carry the CE mark to indicate that they adhere to all EU directives surrounding the safety of electrical appliances so you can always purchase with confidence.

  4. What are ultra-low glare patio heaters?

    1. Infrared heating products branded as ‘ultra-low glare’ are quartz heaters that have been specially adapted to produce as little visible light as possible when in use. They’re able to cut down the amount of emitted light by over 80% in some instances and do this by having a special coating on the reflectors inside of the lamp and the heating tube. Additional filters incorporated into the product housing help to soften any remaining glow and reduce light emissions even further compared to other low glare appliances.

      They still provide all of the effective heat required for outdoor locations but with a significantly reduced amount of glare which can be obtrusive in a lot of settings where more natural lighting is required.

Low Glare Outdoor Heaters

For a reassuring and immediate warmth, outdoor spaces can benefit from low glare infrared heaters. Otherwise known as tungsten heaters, halogen heaters or quartz heaters, low glare heaters are characterised by their orange glow and are commonly used to heat patios, restaurant terraces and pub gardens. Low glare heaters emit an intense form of heat, from which the benefits can immediately be felt – the shortwave form of infrared instantly warms up and heats the skin directly. Our versatile infrared heaters are suitable for wall mounting or can be left freestanding for portability.