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    • No Glare Ceramic Heating Elements
    • IPX4 Rating – Splashproof
    • Ideal for Warehouses & Workshops
    Heats from 9m²
    warranty 5 Year

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  1. Who are Herschel?

    1. Herschel are at the forefront of the infrared heating industry both domestically and internationally, providing some of the most stylish and effective far infrared heaters on the market. Their range of products is truly diverse and includes heaters for everyday home use, as well as commercial heaters for industry and retail. Herschel have pioneered the adoption of far infrared as an effective heating solution and the continual development of their product range has helped them become market leader in the UK.

  2. Why don’t Herschel outdoor heaters glow?

    1. Herschel outdoor heaters use ceramic heating elements to emit infrared heat and the reason they don’t glow is twofold. Firstly, the ceramic plates fully enclose the element wire so even as it gets hot, the wire will never be seen. Secondly, the type of infrared radiation they emit is mid to longwave which produces no visible light unlike most shortwave infrared products.

      Longwave infrared heat is less intense than shortwave radiation but the advantage of this is that it provides a much more comfortable level of heat that can be used for long periods of time.

  3. Can Herschel outdoor heaters be used inside?

    1. Herschel ceramic heaters are some of the most versatile infrared heating products we offer because they can be used for indoor and outdoor applications alike. This is because the type of infrared they use is in the mid-range of the spectrum, leaning closer toward far infrared which is better for comfort heating. The mid-range infrared they use is still robust enough for outdoor applications, although it can take longer for their effects to be felt, but it’s also gentle enough for long term use unlike a quartz heater.

      The ceramic elements produce no visible light which is why they’re particularly popular as heating solutions for workspaces, corporate meeting rooms and commercial applications. The higher heat output of ceramic heaters works well for high heat-loss areas that are either very large and open plan, or particularly draughty and poorly insulated. So, if you’re struggling to keep a conservatory warm, heat an exercise studio, or keep workers warm on a factory floor you’ll find that ceramic infrared heaters are excellent for indoor use.

Herschel Outdoor Heater

If you require a longer-term, energy efficient outdoor heating solution then look no further than Herschel. Renowned for their class-leading quality and technical innovation, Herschel outdoor heaters are designed to withstand prolonged use, with all the products in their range accompanied by a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The unique ceramic elements in Herschel outdoor heaters utilise far infrared: a longwave form of infrared heat that is gentler than other forms of infrared and gives off no visible light. Far infrared is more easily absorbed by our bodies than near infrared, so in covered locations where you need heat for more than just a few minutes, these heaters will be more efficient and keep you more comfortable than their glowing counterparts. This consistent, pleasant heat makes Herschel heaters an obvious choice for situations that require a more permanent solution, such as workshops, warehouses and outdoor establishments.