Herschel iQ T1 Room Thermostat & Receiver


Control all your Herschel heaters from one convenient location using the iQ T1 Room Thermostat. The T1 Thermostat allows you to create a heating schedule for every heater in your home and can be paired up to an unlimited number of Herschel R1 receivers to easily expand your system.

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  • Product Details

    T1 Thermostat

    • Intuitive Wireless Thermostat
    • Easy-Use Interface
    • Customisable Digital Programming
    • Thermostat Accurate to 0.5 °C
    • Control Temperatures from 5 - 30 °C
    • Comfort, Energy Saving & Holiday Mode
    • Open Window Detection
    • Maximum 200m Wireless Reach
    • Control Unlimited Herschel Heaters
    • Wall Mounted or Free Standing Fitting

    R1 Receiver

    • Control One or More Heaters
    • Handles up to 10 Amps (2300w)
    • Heat Boost Button for On-Demand Control
    • Additional Receivers Available
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    Brand Herschel
    Product Weight (kg) 0.36
    Depth (mm) 20
    Height (mm) 84
    Width (mm) 119
    Dual Control No
    Programmable Yes
    Tariff Switching No
    Manual or Digital Digital
    Wi-Fi Controllable No
    Touchscreen Yes
    IP Rating IP20
    Suitable for Bathrooms Zone 3 Only
    Maximum Load (Amps) 10
    Display LCD Display
  • Manuals & Installation

    View the Herschel iQ T1 Thermostat User Guide here.

    View the Herschel iQ R1 Receiver User Guide here.

    View more information about the Herschel iQ system here.

    The T1 thermostat comes with mounting plate and all fittings for wall mounted installation. Alternatively, you can use the included stand for free standing mounting. The thermostat should be placed in a location that provides an accurate temperature reading: away from known hot or cold spots.

    The R1 receiver must be hardwired by a professional electrician, who will connect it to your mains and wire it into your heaters. This job is not suitable for DIY.

    Both the thermostat and receiver should be located at least 1 metre away from other electrical appliances such as radios, TVs, routers or computers, to prevent disruption to the radio frequency connection.

    The thermostat must not be used in a bathroom. Receivers can only be used in bathroom spaces which fall outside the “wet” bathroom zones – in other words, at least 60cm away from any source of running or splashing water. Receivers must not be installed in locations where there is any risk of water contact – whether by dripping, splashing, or touching with wet hands. If in doubt, do not install. Common sense should prevail.

  • Warranty
    All Herschel iQ units comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Please note: Building Regs (Part F) since 2006 require new or refurbished bathrooms to possess adequate ventilation (15 litres / second with 15 minute overrun). Where adequate ventilation has not been provided, Herschel cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by moisture in the R1 unit if failure occurs within the warranty period. The warranty for both the T1 thermostat and R1 receiver will be invalidated if they are used with non-Herschel heaters.
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  • What You Will Need

Easily control all your infrared heaters from one place with the Herschel iQ heating control system.  With a straightforward interface and customisable digital programming, the iQ system makes it easy, quick, and convenient to control your heating.

What does the Herschel iQ system do?

With the iQ T1 thermostat, you can wirelessly control all of your infrared heaters or panels from one central location. The T1 has both thermostatic and programming control: you can set your heaters to switch on and off to a customisable schedule, and control the temperatures your rooms are heated to. The thermostat signals the heaters to switch on and off to follow your heating program and maintain your set temperatures. Each program can include up to 4 heating periods, within which you can set the temperature and adjust the start and finish times. Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays can be programmed separately.

Whenever you need to override your programming, you can switch to one of the three manual settings: comfort, energy saving and holiday mode. Comfort heats rooms to your preferred living temperature, energy saving heats at a reduced temperature, whilst holiday mode will only switch your heaters on when the temperature drops and a low level of heating is desirable to prevent your pipes freezing. For additional controllability, each receiver comes with a built-in boost button, so you can activate a 1-hour heat boost from your chosen panel, independent of the rest of the system. The T1 also comes with an open window detection feature, which cuts power to your heaters when it senses an open window, to prevent wasted energy. This can be overridden at the thermostat or by using the heat boost feature at heater level.

How does the Herschel iQ system work?

The iQ system is comprised of a wireless thermostat and as many hardwired receivers as you need. Your heaters wire into the receivers, which communicate with the thermostat via a radio frequency to switch the heaters on and off as required. Each receiver can control one or more heaters, with a maximum total load of 10 Amps, which equates to 2300w in a standard 230V power supply, though please bear in mind that the manufacturer recommends a load of 8.5 Amps (1955W in 230V) if you plan to use your heaters often and for long periods. Every receiver connected to your thermostat will receive the same commands. If you want to heat separate rooms to a different schedule, you will need to purchase multiple thermostats.

This iQ package comes with a single R1 receiver. You can purchase additional receivers if you want to control panels in more than one location. The iQ system is designed to work with Herschel infrared heaters only. The T1 and R1 system is non-WiFi only, so if you require smart distance control, please see Herschel's MD2 thermostat. The MD2 communicates directly with your home router and allows you to program heaters via the Smart Life app for easy and intuitive control.

The T1 thermostat is battery operated and can be wall mounted or placed on the stand included for free standing use. The radio frequency has a 200m wireless reach in open spaces, although in most homes this will be somewhat reduced because the signals have to travel through walls and furniture. The thermostat is accurate to ±0.5 °C and can control a range of temperatures from 5 – 30 °C.