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  1. Who are Herschel?

    1. Far infrared heating is pioneered within the UK by Herschel Infrared, a domestic brand with customers all over the globe. Herschel manufacture a wide variety of far infrared heating solutions, from infrared panels ideal for all areas of the home, to industrial and commercial ceramic heaters. The generous warranty periods offered with Herschel products reflects their outstanding quality and reliability so you can be sure you’re purchasing one of the very best heating appliances on the market.

  2. Do I need infrared panels or ceramic heaters?

    1. The wide variety of infrared products on the market can be a little confusing at first glance, but once you know what their core strengths are, it becomes much easier to differentiate between them.

      For ordinary domestic heating, the infrared panel is king. They’re specifically designed for interior domestic spaces that need a stylish, unobtrusive heat source which can be mounted in a variety of ways. Their thin housing and sleek exterior appearance is designed for an understated look in any room, no matter the interior design scheme. What’s more, the gentle radiant heat they provide is ideal as a primary heat source for long-term use.

      Ceramic heaters use the same gentle form of infrared heat as panels but with a slightly higher intensity which allows them to work over larger areas and to higher temperatures. They’re a little more utilitarian in appearance because they’re designed with more commercial or industrial applications in mind, but they’re just as useful if you’re trying to keep a hard-to-heat domestic area warm, such as a large conservatory. The comfortable heat provided by ceramic heaters makes them ideal for heating open-plan work spaces such as factory floors and warehouses, that are traditionally difficult to keep warm using conventional methods.

      As they produce no visible light when in use, they’re also wonderfully discreet heating options for commercial and retail spaces such as restaurants, bars and shops. Ceramic heaters also work well for spaces that need to get to higher temperatures, such as hot yoga studios, which require temperatures ranging from 30 – 40 °C. It’s possible to achieve this level of warmth with infrared panels, but as they are designed for indoor comfort heating, typically providing temperatures between 20 – 30 °C, you will need far more panels than ceramic heaters to achieve the same effect.

      Our ceramic heaters have weatherproof IP ratings, which means you can even use them outdoors. Their comfortable heat is particularly useful in covered outdoor spaces such as restaurant terraces, pub beer gardens and patio awnings. For more exposed outdoor locations, you may want to dispense with ceramic heaters altogether and instead opt for a quartz heater. These use a more intense form of infrared which can more effectively combat colder outdoor temperatures.

  3. Which infrared heaters are cheapest to run?

    1. It’s a little tricky to make like-for-like comparisons across infrared heater types, as they’re used in very different applications.

      Ceramic heaters use a more intense level of heat and can get to higher temperatures so they will use a little more energy, but the upside of this is that they’re incredibly efficient and convert almost 100% of the electricity used into effective heat. The type of heat they produce is well suited to open-plan spaces with draughty interiors, such as warehouse and workshops, and rooms which need heating to a higher temperature, such as hot yoga studios. Ceramic heaters are much more economical in these spaces because they heat directly, regardless of the movement of the air.

      Infrared panels heat over a wider surface area and are best suited to ordinary domestic use where a gentle ambient warmth is required. Like ceramic heaters, infrared panels are exceptionally energy efficient, making them the cheapest option over time for everyday use.

Herschel Electric Heaters

Herschel are a leading infrared heating brand with an extensive product range developed for both domestic and commercial applications. Innovative infrared heating panels are arguably one of the most energy-efficient methods of electric heating and use far infrared waves which travel unimpeded to objects and people, generating a pleasant, natural heat. These heating panels can be wall mounted for discretion or used to create a striking focal point in a contemporarily styled room. If you are looking for a more industrial infrared heater, our Herschel ceiling mounted heaters provide efficient and rapid warmth for draughty commercial spaces such as garages, workshops and warehouses.