Haverland RC Wave Range

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  1. RRP From: £339.99

    Our Price From: £199.99  inc. VAT

    • Fast-Acting Dry Thermal Elements
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Highly Accurate Digital Thermostat
    Heats from 5.5 - 20m²
    Sizes Available 5
    Wattages 450w - 1700w
    warranty Lifetime*
  2. Our Price £419.99 inc. VAT
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Precision Thermostat Control
    • Optional Remote Control & Feet
    Heats from 20m²
    warranty Lifetime

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Customer Questions

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  1. What is the difference between the RC Wave and the RC Wave+?

    1. The RC Wave is a firm favourite here at Electric Radiators Direct, offering quick heat-up times, responsive control, and detailed digital programming as standard. The perfect choice for every room in the home, the RC Wave is an ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters and central heating – providing energy-efficient heating that’s fit for modern homes. The RC Wave+ builds on the success of its cousin, offering the same superb heating credentials but with Bluetooth control and additional energy-saving features. Using the Haverland heating app, you can adjust your heating from the palm of your hand while you’re present in the home, enabling “off the cuff” temperature management without having to leave your chair.

  2. Who are Haverland?

    1. Haverland are a well-known Spanish heating manufacturer with decades of experience in the industry. They create innovative, well-built electric radiators with an emphasis on energy-efficiency and precision. Our bestselling electric radiators, the RC Wave and RC Wave+, are both manufactured by Haverland and we’re the sole UK distributor of these products. Whatever your requirements, there’s a Haverland electric heating system to suit, so be sure to browse our range today.

  3. Why do I need Bluetooth control?

    1. Bluetooth smart control is an invaluable asset for modern life, enabling quick and convenient temperature management with the swipe of a finger. Rather than traipsing around your home and adjusting your heaters manually, Bluetooth control allows you to amend your heating with a few simple taps. Simply download the relevant heating app to your phone, tablet, or PC, and adjust temperatures with ease while you’re present in your home. If you’d like this level of control when you’re outside your home, consider a WiFi controlled electric radiator.

  4. Are RC Wave electric radiators easy to install?

    1. Both the RC Wave and RC Wave+ can be DIY fitted with ease and simply plug into the nearest available wall socket, without the need for costly professional callouts or invasive installation. Each unit comes supplied with all the necessary fixtures and fittings and there’s even a template to help you position the mounting bracket on the wall. All you need to do is position the bracket, drill four holes, screw the bracket in place, and mount your radiators like a TV.

Our RC Wave & RC Wave+ Electric Radiators

Our bestselling range of electric radiators, the RC Wave offers precision temperature management for every room in the home: the ideal alternative to traditional central heating. We stock both the RC Wave and the RC Wave+, two versions of the same electric radiator that offer different control options depending on your needs. The RC Wave+ can be adjusted via Bluetooth from compatible smart devices using a mobile phone – enabling convenient, “off the cuff” temperature control from the palm of your hand, whereas the RC Wave can be adjusted using its integrated control panel. Whatever your requirements, look no further than the RC Wave: a superb choice for making the switch to electric heating.