Haverland RC Wave Plus Electric Radiators

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  1. Who are Haverland?

    1. Haverland are an electric heating manufacturer based in Spain with decades of experience creating cutting-edge heating products. Their product range encompasses various electric heaters, from towel rails to radiators, and their reputation for excellence is matched by their build quality, long warranties, and product usability.

  2. What are the Features of the RC Wave Plus?

    1. The RC Wave Plus delivers the same superb performance as its bestselling cousin but with an increased focus on usability and style. Boasting simple Bluetooth control, the RC Wave Plus can be remotely adjusted on compatible smart devices in conjunction with the Haverland heating app – offering simple and intuitive temperature management from the palm of your hand. The Plus also comes with a heat boost function to quickly raise the temperature when you’re feeling chilly. On top of all this, the RC Wave Plus can be purchased in either clean and crisp white or bold anthracite – contrasting and complementing existing décor with true style.

  3. Is the RC Wave Plus Energy-Efficient?

    1. The RC Wave Plus, like all electric heaters, is 100% efficient at point of use, which means all the power drawn from the wall is converted into heat. The RC Wave Plus also includes a range of features designed to keep costs to a minimum, such as detailed digital programming, Bluetooth control, and a precision thermostat. Setting a heating schedule is the easiest way of improving efficiency, as you can specific exactly when and to what extent the RC Wave Plus is heating. Turn the RC Wave Plus to comfort mode in frequently used rooms to stay warm or select an economy setting if you know you’re going to be absent. Using the Plus’ Bluetooth control, you can even remotely access your heating while you’re at home, allowing you to make off-the-cuff changes to your schedule that helps to streamline your energy use.

Haverland RC Wave Plus Electric Radiators

The Haverland Designer RC Wave Plus provides the next generation of home heating, delivering a refined upgrade on our flagship electric radiator: the RC Wave. Boasting the same subtle styling and sleek “wave” design, the Plus can be purchased in white or anthracite, offering either a low key or bold aesthetic that complements a range of contemporary spaces. Including a plethora of heating technology, such as simple Bluetooth capability, a heat boost function, and precision thermostat control, the RC Wave Plus offers an intuitive and responsive electric heating system: it’s everything you love about the RC Wave, reimagined for the modern home.