Haverland Electric Radiators

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  1. RRP From: £339.99

    Our Price From: £199.99  inc. VAT

    • Fast-Acting Dry Thermal Elements
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Highly Accurate Digital Thermostat
    Heats from 5.5 - 20m²
    Sizes Available 5
    Wattages 450w - 1700w
    warranty Lifetime*
  2. Our Price £199.99 inc. VAT
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Precision Thermostat Control
    • Optional Remote Control & Feet
    Heats from 5.5m²
    warranty Lifetime*
  3. Our Price £69.99 inc. VAT
    • 4 Customisable & 9 Pre-Set Programmes
    • 24/7 Heating for Every Half Hour
    • Controls RC Wave Electric Radiators
    warranty 1 Year
  4. Our Price £34.99 inc. VAT
    • Easy Attach Feet
    • For Free Standing Fitting
    • Compatible With RC Wave & SmartWave Radiators
    warranty 1 Year
  5. Our Price £54.99 inc. VAT
    • Smart Heating for Smart Homes
    • Allows WiFi & App Control
    • Controls Unlimited SmartWave Radiators
    warranty 2 Year
  6. Our Price £34.99 inc. VAT
    • Easy Attach Feet for Freestanding Sitting
    • Discreet Design
    • Compatible with SmartWave Radiators
    warranty 1 Year

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Customer Questions

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  1. Who are Haverland?

    1. Marsan Industrial, owner of Haverland, were formed back in 1971. It is still owned by the same family today and now boasts a production facility of 7,000m² where they produce more than 300,000 different units annually. Their range of products are sold in over 30 countries throughout the world.

      Haverland’s comprehensive range of modern electric heating solutions has been tried and tested throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America, Russia and East Asia, including China and Japan.

      Haverland’s technological innovation and manufacturing quality is widely respected around the world by consultants, contractors and private customers alike. Their electrical heating expertise covers a wide cross-section of applications: including shops, offices, listed properties, public buildings, hotels, social housing and many more domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

      We are proud to be the UK's sole distributor of the Haverland RC Wave range, Haverland’s most advanced electric radiator yet. You won't find this top-quality heating product anywhere else!

  2. Are Haverland electric radiators efficient to run?

    1. Haverland electric radiators are very energy efficient. They use high precision thermostats to control temperature variations to fractions of a degree, 24/7 digital timers to make sure you're heating your home when and where you need it, and top quality dry aluminium and thermal fluid heating technology.

  3. Are Haverland products programmable?

    1. Haverland products are designed to be as efficient and controllable as possible, allowing you to programme and set daily heating schedules with ease. Every Haverland product, with the exception of the Haverland TE Electric Towel Rail range, can be programmed to follow a heating schedule. Programming your electric radiators is an excellent way to ensure they are functioning as efficiently as possible, minimising excess heating. For hectic lifestyles, this can be a convenient and useful feature.

      Programming your Haverland products is quick and easy and can be done through the user-friendly interface on the product, or, alternatively, some products can be programmed through an additional remote control. You can set a heating schedule with minute digital accuracy, with some Haverland products offering 24/7 heating control for comprehensive home heating. With different heating modes to choose from, as well as the programming options available, Haverland electric heaters are versatile products that integrate themselves into your daily routine with ease.

  4. How do you install Haverland electric radiators?

    1. Haverland products can be installed free-standing, with the purchase of additional feet, or wall-mounted with the most basic of DIY knowledge. Haverland products suitable for DIY installation can be installed with minimal fuss and come supplied with the necessary fixtures and fittings for wall-mounting. All that’s needed to wall-mount your Haverland product is for it to be screwed into the wall and plugged into the nearest socket.

      For a more discreet fitting, with wires tidied away and hidden, a professional electrician can hardwire your Haverland product for you. We do not recommend electric radiators or panel heaters for bathroom installation as the temptation to hang wet towels over the appliance can obstruct ventilation and potentially cause a hazard. Towel rails also require professional installation and must be hardwired by a certified electrician.

  5. What Haverland product is best for my home?

    1. Haverland products are ideal for home use and provide exceptional heating whenever it’s needed. The area you need to heat, and to what extent you need it heating, determines which Haverland product is best for you.

      If you’re thinking of replacing your entire central heating system with electric radiators, the coveted RC Wave is an exceptional choice. Supremely slimline, fully programmable, and highly energy-efficient, the RC Wave is a cut above the rest for reliable home heating. Our best-selling radiator to date, the RC Wave sets the bar exceptionally high with its stylish design, unobtrusive installation, and comprehensive 24/7 programming. Ideal for household use, the RC Wave is the perfect ‘every-day’ electric radiator.

      If you need an additional boost to your bathroom heating, a Haverland designer towel rail is a stylish and elegant solution. Running independently from your central heating, a Haverland towel rail not only provides warm towels but heats your bathroom without impacting on the rest of your heating. Perfect for winter morning dashes to the bathroom, a Haverland towel rail provides gentle heat from a modern and sophisticated housing that fits into any bathroom aesthetic. Please note, we do not recommend electric radiators or panel heaters for bathroom installation. Installing any electrical appliance into a bathroom is a job for a qualified electrician – it is never a DIY job.

      For conservatory heating, Haverland have produced a dedicated range of conservatory radiators. Designed to cope with high-ceilings and poor heat retentive surfaces, Haverland’s BL range is the ultimate appliance for tricky-to-heat conservatories. With a low-profile for conservatory dwarf walls, the BL range features a comprehensive 24/7 daily programmer, 10-year guarantee, and energy-efficient thermal fluid technology for even heat distribution. For conservatory heating, nothing compares to the Haverland BL Conservatory Radiator range.

      For advanced home heating, the Haverland SmartWave is incomparable. Intuitive and intelligent, the SmartWave can ‘learn’ your daily routine through an in-built motion sensor in the radiator body. This sensor allows the SmartWave to monitor your movements and decide when it needs to heat. If you’re not there – the SmartWave switches off, if you’re at home and moving around, the SmartWave senses this and switches on. After a week of sensing when you’re in or out of the house, the SmartWave has created its own heating schedule based on when it knows you will be home. What makes the SmartWave even smarter, however, is its flexibility with regards to this heating schedule. If you come home earlier than expected, the SmartWave will sense this and automatically switch on and disregard its original heating plan. Comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive, in many ways, the SmartWave is the ultimate electric radiator.

      With a comprehensive range of Haverland products for you to choose from, we’re sure to stock your ideal heating solution. If you’re still unsure which Haverland product is best for you, give our friendly sales team a call and they’ll be happy to help.

Haverland Electric Radiators

With over 40 years of experience, Haverland are a renowned electric heating brand specialising in the manufacture of innovative, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing electric radiators. With global success, Haverland are considered the market leader in development and innovation for electric radiators – and their refreshingly modern products represent the pinnacle of design and quality. At Electric Radiators Direct, we’re proud to stock an extensive collection of Haverland products. From elegant towel rails, for bathroom use; specially designed conservatory radiators, perfect for combatting conservatory chills; to super-smart, intuitive electric radiators for intelligent home heating. Whatever your heating requirements, at Electric Radiators Direct, we’re sure to stock the right Haverland product for you.