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  1. Who are Haverland?

    1. Haverland are an electric heating manufacturer based in Spain who export electric heating solutions to over 30 countries across the globe. Their prodigious 40 years of experience within the industry and extensive research and development facilities have allowed them to constantly innovate and improve their product line in step with consumer needs. Haverland products emphasise style, usability and, above all, quality, so that their customers can purchase with absolute confidence every time.

  2. Are electric radiators more efficient than storage heaters?

    1. Electric radiators can be an excellent replacement system if you’re looking to move away from storage heaters. Electric radiators are slimline, attractive and – more importantly – very efficient to run. The issue with storage heaters is that they warm solely using convection, which can be easily dissipated through draughts and air movement; electric radiators on the other hand use a mix of convection and radiation, the latter of which is unaffected by air movement and therefore less easily lost.

      Another reason electric radiators are efficient is because they come with advanced digital controls to reduce energy consumption. Most models come with 24/7 programmers which allow you to create a custom heating schedule based on your weekly routine. Rooms will be warm when you come to use them, but by restricting heating to set times, you also ensure you never use more energy than is necessary. Very few storage heaters offer this level of heat management because they can’t create on-demand warmth in the same way as an electric radiator. Programmed electric radiators are so effective that they can even be cheaper to run than storage heaters despite using a standard electrical tariff.

      Storage heaters can be economical to run but they’re notoriously inefficient when it comes to energy usage because their convection heat is so easily lost. This becomes clear when you compare the wattages for storage heaters and electric radiators side by side. For example, if you wanted to heat an 18m² space with a storage heater, you’d need a product with an output of around 2.5kW. However, to heat the same area with an electric radiator, you may only require a 1.5kW product – a whole kilowatt less.

      Electric radiators make much better use of the electricity they draw from the wall and have enormous energy-saving potential. If you’re considering removing your storage heaters, it’s well worth looking into a Haverland electric heater as a replacement.

  3. Which Haverland electric radiator is best for me?

    1. There’s no single Haverland electric heater which dominates the rest – each one is designed with its own strengths and unique characteristics to suit different heating styles and tastes.

      If you prefer the quick heat up and cool down time of a dry thermal radiator, the RC Wave comes highly recommended. Each unit comes with a precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C and an integrated programmer which allows you to create a custom 24/7 heating schedule to match your weekly routine. Affordable and attractive, it’s an excellent choice for most areas of the home. We also stock the Haverland SmartWave, which is like the RC Wave in many respects, but uses an intelligent self-programming system to remove the need for manual input. The SmartWave can also be used with Wi-Fi control if purchased with an additional accessory. It’s a fantastic electric heater for those with hectic lifestyles and unpredictable routines.

      The Haverland Designer TT range is a great choice if you prefer thermal fluid radiators which are slower to cool down. Like the other Haverland heaters we offer, the TT comes with a precision thermostat and 24/7 programmer for total control, however it does differ in terms of weight when compared to a dry thermal radiator due to the liquid contained in the unit. Haverland also produce a range of conservatory radiators designed to fit on dwarf walls which are just as controllable as full-sized thermal fluid radiators but will fit snugly into reduced wall spaces.

      Hard to heat spaces such as draughty Victorian terraces or large communal stairwells are best served by the Haverland Inerzia, which will tackle the tricky heating requirements of these areas with ease. Using ceramic stone elements, it’s able to emit and project heat out with greater intensity and will also retain heat for longer to minimise running costs.

      Every electric heater in this range is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and if you need further assistance with your purchase, our friendly sales team are always on hand to provide guidance.

  4. Should I buy a ladder towel rail or a glass panel towel rail?

    1. Ladder towel rails have the practical benefit of providing multiple rungs so you can accommodate everything from large beach towels to small flannels. Their classic design and simple appearance allows them to blend with a wide variety of décor styles, no matter whether your space looks traditional or contemporary, so ladder rails tend to be the more versatile option. Our Haverland ladder rails are liquid filled which means that they retain heat for longer and require less energy to maintain temperatures. Some people prefer this style of heating for their bathroom because the towel rail will continue to radiate heat even once it stops drawing power. Haverland ladder rails come with thermostatic controls so you can increase or decrease output in stages, as well as a timer function to minimise energy usage. The Haverland TE700i electric towel rail even comes with a sophisticated programmer so you can manage your bathroom heating according to your daily and weekly routine.

      Glass panel towel rails look outstanding in minimalist bathrooms and will provide a striking room feature all by themselves. They use dry thermal elements evenly spaced beneath the glass to provide a uniform spread of warmth across their surface and are quicker to heat up than liquid filled towel rails. Glass rails tend to have fewer rungs because they’re designed so that most of the towel will hang in front of the heated glass, allowing the fabric to dry evenly. This means they may be less practical for family bathrooms that need to accommodate as many towels as possible. All Haverland XTAL glass towel rails come with a digital programmer so you can create a bespoke weekly heating schedule to minimise energy usage.

      Both types of electric heater will make excellent bathroom heating solutions, so it’s fine to base your choice on looks or the types of control features you need. You should also take into consideration whether you want your heater purely for drying towels or whether you want it to act as a room heating solution. If it’s for room heating, always make sure that you select an appropriate wattage that will comfortably heat the space.

Haverland Electric Heaters

Haverland are the market leaders in reliable, energy-efficient electric heating products and have a longstanding reputation for offering quality heaters at great value prices. Best known for their electric radiators, they produce our flagship product the RC Wave, as well as other excellent heating solutions. We offer Haverland conservatory radiators designed for low walls, as well as dry stone element radiators for hard-to-heat rooms. For bathrooms, a range of stylish heaters is available, from practical ladder towel rails to sophisticated, fully programmable glass panel rails. Whatever your heating needs, we’re sure to have the perfect Haverland electric heater for you.