Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiators

Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiators

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  1. How does the Designer TT work?

    1. The Designer TT is an energy efficient electric radiator with a stylish design and excellent heat retention properties.

      The TT differs from the popular Haverland RC Wave by using a thermal fluid for its heating element. Thermal heating fluids take longer to heat up than dry thermal elements but they also retain heat for longer, distributing heat evenly and efficiently out into the room. The thermal fluid is fully enclosed inside the radiator body. Because the heating element is fully enclosed, the radiators will not cause wall blackening – which can be a problem with cheaper electric heaters. As the fluid heats up it warms both the surface of the radiator and the air that circulates through the radiator. Heating is provided through a comfortable balance of radiated and convected heat – warming you directly as well as raising the temperature of the air.

  2. What size are Designer TT radiators?

    1. Designer TT radiators have a slim contemporary design and are 10cm deep.

      The Designer TT collection includes a range of different sizes, with radiators to suit rooms both large and small. Make your choice between 500w, 750w, 1000w, 1250w and 1500w radiators. For larger rooms, the Haverland RC14V range offers an 1800w radiator which shares many features with the Designer TT.

      You can use our interactive radiator calculator to work out which sizes you need to heat your home both effectively and efficiently.

  3. Are Designer TT radiators programmable?

    1. The Designer TT features a full suite of heating management features which allow you to optimise your heating usage for minimum waste and significant savings on your heating bills.

      Like the Haverland RC Wave, the Designer TT includes a 24/7 programmable timer and a high precision electronic thermostat. The programmer allows you to set a personalised heating schedule for every day of the week and every radiator in your home, whilst the precision thermostat accurately maintains your set temperatures. You can take your pick from 7 pre-set programmes and 1 fully customisable programme. The TT also features a state of the art built in energy monitor, helping you keep track of your heating habits. It's a great product to install throughout your home if you want to keep an eye on your energy usage.

      The Haverland RC14V, an 1800w radiator which we include in our TT range because it sports many similar features and is physically identical to Haverland TT radiators, also features a pilot wire system which allows you to control all your RC14V radiators with a central programmer. This can be useful in large buildings and offices.

  4. How do you install the Designer TT?

    1. The Designer TT is a wall mounted electric radiator which is suitable for DIY installation. All you have to do is screw the radiator to the wall and plug it into the nearest socket.

      If you prefer a more discrete fitting with no visible wires you may choose to have a qualified electrician hardwire your radiators into the wall.

  5. What warranty comes with the TT?

    1. All Haverland TT radiators are sold with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, we offer a 10 year warranty on the aluminium body of the radiator.

      The larger Haverland RCV14 electric radiator is sold with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 5 year warranty on the body of the radiator.

  6. How much does delivery cost on Designer TT radiators?

    1. All Haverland Designer TT electric radiators are eligible for free next working day delivery to addresses in mainland UK.

      Because the Haverland RCV14 electric radiator is very heavy it will be delivered on a pallet. Please allow 48 hours for pallet deliveries.

  7. Who are Haverland?

    1. Haverland are cutting-edge innovators, designers and manufacturers of electric heating systems. Founded in 1971, the Haverland brand is today recognised and trusted throughout the world. Based in Spain, their technological innovation and manufacturing quality is respected internationally by consultants, contractors and private customers alike.

Haverland Designer TT Electric Radiators

Haverland Designer TT electric radiators help you maximise the energy efficiency of your heating with the latest thermal fluid technology, a highly accurate thermostat, full programmability and a state of the art built in energy monitor. The specially formulated thermal fluid inside the radiator body is highly thermally retentive, designed to create an even heat distribution around the room. Designer TT Electric Radiators are suitable for DIY installation and come with free next working day delivery – so if you make your order this morning, you could be enjoying precision comfort heating by tomorrow evening.