Haverland Designer RC Wave RC5W+ Electric Radiator - White 800w


Remove the hassle of manual programming with the Haverland Designer RC Wave Plus. This sophisticated electric radiator is Bluetooth control compatible so you can manage your heater from your smartphone or tablet. Our 800w model can heat areas up to 10m² for effective heating in mid-sized rooms around the home.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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Upgrade your heating system with the Haverland Designer RC Wave RC5W+ Electric Radiator. Offering the same exceptional standards as its predecessor, the RC5W+ features advanced energy-saving features and responsive, user-friendly Bluetooth control, making it a definitive update for modern households. This 800w version of the RC Wave Plus is ideal for heating smaller rooms and comes finished in white for a crisp, clean aesthetic.


If you find manual programming a chore, the Bluetooth control offered by the Plus lets you manage your heater without having to leave your seat. Simply download the Haverland BT heating app on a compatible smart device and you can program your RC Wave Plus radiator from the palm of your hand. The app allows you to assign comfort, economy or anti-frost modes for each hour of the day using an intuitive graphic user interface, helping to streamline your energy bills and keep consumption to a minimum. The Bluetooth programming offered by the RC Wave+ is great if you want a simpler way to control a single heater but if you’re looking to wirelessly manage a larger system, browse our Haverland SmartWave electric radiators, which are WiFi compatible when used with their hub accessory.

The RC Wave+ also comes with a silent electronic TRIAC thermostat that is accurate to ±0.2 ºC for precision control.

Energy-Saving Features

An in-built boost function on the RC Wave Plus lets you temporarily override your programming for a 2-hour period, heating to maximum to provide you with extra warmth when needed. For improved efficiency, this upgraded designer electric radiator also comes with open window detection, which stops the RC Wave Plus from heating if it detects a rapid drop in temperature — a handy tool for office environments with comings and goings at all times of day. To ensure your comfort, the RC Wave Plus uses an adaptive start heat up function which pre-heats your rooms so that they’re always the right temperature at the right time.

Sizes & Finishes

If you need an intuitive and versatile heating system for small to mid-sized rooms, look no further than the Haverland Designer RC Wave RC5W+ Electric Radiator. The RC Wave Plus range also comes in 450w, 1100w, 1400w, and 1700w sizes and is available in anthracite for a stunning modern aesthetic.