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  1. Our Price £869.99 inc. VAT
    • Intelligent Automatic Charge
    • Digital Programming & Fan Assist
    • High Heat Retention Housing
    Heats from 24m²
    warranty 12 Year
  2. Our Price £839.99 inc. VAT
    • Intuitive Automatic Charging
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Optional WiFi Control
    Heats from 18m²
    warranty 5 Year

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  1. Who are Elnur?

    1. Elnur is an electric heating manufacturer with over 40 years of experience within the industry. Established in 1973, Elnur has made a name for itself by providing exceptional quality goods, all of which are manufactured from their dedicated plant, which allows them complete control over the production process. Elnur prides itself on its continual development and innovation in the field of electric heating and is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

  2. What kind of storage heater will be best for my home?

    1. This will be partly down to personal preference and partly down to how you use your room spaces. Some users may want total control over their heating and prefer a basic manual system where they make all the adjustments themselves, whereas others may opt for an automatic option that will for the most part take care of itself. Combination storage heaters are a good choice if you’re worried that you may run out of heat during the day and have no backup system – these heaters incorporate an integrated convector heater to provide quick top-up heat when you need it at short notice. Fan assisted heaters offer the greatest level of control with their rotating internal fans, providing a more nuanced control over heat output, and also feature higher levels of insulation to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible.

      The beauty of electric heating systems is that you’ve got the option to mix and match your heaters as you please. You’re not restricted to having just one type throughout the house – you can have a combination storage heater in the living room where comfort is a priority, a fan assisted heater in the bedroom where you need to minimise heat leakage overnight, or a basic manual model in your home office that may only get used sporadically. Everyone uses their domestic spaces differently, so it’s hard to define what’s ‘best’ for one person and not another. We would always advise having a think about how you use each of your rooms and choose a product that will respond to these needs most effectively.

  3. What’s the difference between panel heaters and storage heaters?

    1. Elnur storage heaters and panel heaters look similar, but although both heat by convection, the way they work couldn’t be more different.

      Panel heaters have hot elements in the base which engage whenever you switch on the heater. They heat up the room quickly with convection, but also cool down quickly once switched off as they interrupt the cycle of warm air rising and falling in the room.

      Storage heaters are filled with hot bricks which are designed to charge up overnight and slowly release their heat through the day. The bricks heat up the air as it passes through the heater, spreading convection heat around the room. Storage heaters, unlike panel heaters, can take advantage of cheaper Economy 7 tariffs, which is why they’re still a popular choice among some users. They do cost less to run compared to panel heaters but are also much less controllable and require you to predict your heating needs well in advance.

      Even though they sometimes look similar, it’s easy to differentiate storage heaters once you’re familiar with how they work. They’re bulkier, larger and heavier because of the thermal bricks inside the housing, whereas panel heaters are much lighter in comparison.

Elnur Electric Heaters

With a heritage of over 40 years within the heating industry, Elnur are renowned for their high-quality heating products. An electric panel heater is a convenient method of providing on-demand, swift heating to lesser-used rooms and can be easily installed DIY. Elnur is also a leader in manufacturing storage heaters and if you’re looking to replace or update your system, this innovative brand has the ideal solution. An Elnur Manual Storage Heater is outstanding value, with a modern slimline design. Elnur Automatic Storage Heaters include additional features to help regulate warmth or for even greater control over your heating, an Elnur Smart Storage Heater features cutting-edge thermostatic technology that continuously assesses the energy and heat loss in a room and adjusts the input accordingly, optimising running costs and helping you to manage your heating bills. As a testament to their reliability, all Elnur heaters are supplier with a 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty.