Elnur Ecombi SSH308 WiFi Controlled Storage Heater - 1.9kW


The Elnur SSH308 WiFi Controlled storage heater gives you the option of controlling your heating system from a smartphone or tablet when purchased with its WiFi hub accessory. Each storage heater in the SSH range offers digital weekly programming, a smart charge system as well as extra energy-saving features. This is heater is able to warm rooms up to 13m².

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The Elnur Ecombi SSH308 is a modern storage heater with optional WiFi control, comprehensive digital programming, and numerous energy-saving features. This 1900w version of the Elnur Ecombi SSH is perfect for heating large rooms and offices.  

Automatic Input & Output Control

The Elnur SSH takes the guesswork out of storage heating using its intelligent automatic charge regulator: a feature that adjusts the SSH’s overnight charge without the need for manual input. The SSH will monitor the amount of heat used by its backup heater throughout the day and adjust its overnight charge to minimise any wasted energy. This intuitive system is updated daily, which means you can leave the SSH to run safe in the knowledge it will calculate your required heat output and adjust its charge accordingly. The Elnur Ecombi SSH308 will even stop charging if it detects the room has exceeded a set temperature – a handy feature for rooms that can get uncomfortably hot overnight.

The Elnur SSH308’s digital thermostat precisely regulates room temperature, ensuring your spaces are never over or under heated. If the heat provided by the SSH isn’t enough to keep you warm, its backup heater can also be used to provide an additional boost and can even be programmed to run for a restricted period to avoid wasteful heating.

Energy-Efficient Heating with Improved Control

The Elnur SSH308 has an advanced digital programmer that allows you to assign comfort, economy, or anti-frost modes to hourly intervals throughout the day. Select economy or anti-frost modes for energy-efficient heating, or choose comfort mode for rooms that see constant use. The Elnur SHH also comes with a manual override mode that disregards any programming and maintains a constant set temperature.

To make adjustments to your heating schedule on the go, the Elnur SSH range can be purchased with the Elnur G Control Hub, a gateway device that enables WiFi control of up to 31 SSH storage heaters. Simply plug the G Control Hub into your home router, download the Elnur-Gabarron WiFi app on a compatible mobile device, and adjust the SSH’s programming, access the energy-monitor to see exactly how much energy you’re using, adjust your set temperatures, and use the SSH’s geolocation feature to pre-heat your rooms for your return. A handy feature for rented properties as well as private homes, the Elnur SSH’s WiFi control provides instantaneous heater control wherever you are, providing you have a WiFi connection.

Adaptive Start & Open Window Detection

The SSH range also comes with adaptive start and open window detection. Open window detection interrupts the SSH’s backup heater when a rapid loss of temperature is detected, usually stemming from an open window or door. This prevents the heater from reckless heating and inflating your daytime energy use.

The adaptive start feature “learns” how long it takes the SSH to reach a set temperature and pre-heats accordingly, ensuring your rooms always reach the correct temperature at the correct time.

Elnur have been a reputable electric heating manufacturer for decades and their new SSH range reimagines the role of storage heaters for the modern home. The Elnur Ecombi SSH storage heater range comes in four sizes: 0.9kW, 1.3kW, 1.9kW, and 2.6kW.