Electrorad Aero-Flow Electric Radiators

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  1. Our Price From: £439.99  inc. VAT

    • Fireclay Heating Elements
    • 24/7 Programmable Heating
    • Optional Free Standing Casters
    Heats from 6 - 23m²
    Sizes Available 5
    Wattages 650w - 2500w
    warranty 30 Year
  2. Our Price £539.99 inc. VAT
    • Innovative Fireclay Heating Elements
    • Wall Mounted or Freestanding Fitting
    • 24/7 Programming and Precision Thermostat
    Heats from 18m²
    warranty 30 Year

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Customer Questions

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  1. How do you install Electrorad Aero-Flow radiators?

    1. Electrorad Aero-Flow radiators can be wall mounted or fitted freestanding.

      Wall mounting your Aero-Flow electric radiators is an easy DIY task. All you need to do is attach a plug to the provided cable, screw the radiators to the wall, and plug them into the nearest socket. If you prefer a more discrete fitting the radiators can be hardwired directly into the wall by a qualified electrician.

      If you want to fit your radiators freestanding you will need to purchase with optional radiator feet. The feet, which are fitted with casters for improved ease of movement, simply slot onto the base of the radiator.

  2. What warranty comes with the Aero-Flow?

    1. The Electrorad Aero-Flow comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 year guarantee on the radiator body.

  3. How much does delivery cost on Aero-Flow radiators?

    1. We offer free delivery on Electrorad products when you order five or more radiators.

  4. How does the Aero-Flow work?

    1. The Electrorad Aero-Flow is a traditional style energy-efficient radiator ideal for heating larger spaces.

      The Aero-Flow uses fireclay heat plates to push out heat into the far corners of the room. The heat plates retain heat for well over 30 minutes, providing an energy efficient heating solution for large, high-ceilinged and open plan spaces. The combination of radiated and convected heat heats quickly and effectively. The fireclay heat plates are fully enclosed inside the radiator body so there is no risk of wall-blackening.

      The Aero-Flow is fully controllable and can be used to heat on demand – you don’t need to plan your heating in advance as with old-fashioned storage heaters.

  5. What size are Electrorad Aero-Flow electric radiators?

    1. The Aero-Flow range comes in a range of sizes and features a vertical model which is ideal for heating narrow or awkward spaces. Choose between 650w, 1300w, 2000w or 2500w horizontal radiators, or choose the 1600w vertical radiator for tall thin spaces.

      You can use our interactive radiator wattage calculator to calculate the wattages you need to heat your room effectively.

  6. Are Electrorad Aero-Flow radiators programmable?

    1. Yes. Electrorad Aero-Flow radiators are fully equipped with a digital programmer that allows you to set a 7 day heating schedule to suit your lifestyle. A precision thermostat accurate to within a fifth of a degree monitors and maintains your set temperatures.

      With good insulation and a suitable heating programme, your radiators will only use power for a fraction of the time, cutting down on wasted energy and keeping your heating bills to a minimum.

Electrorad Aero Flow Electric Radiators

The Aero-Flow range combines the speed and efficiency of electric heating with the excellent heat retention properties of storage heaters; providing an eco-friendly, easy-install, fully-programmable heating solution for modern homes. Aero-Flow radiators sport an elegant, traditional-style design with fluted steel vents and a smart white finish. Innovative fireclay heat plates, a precision thermostat and 24/7 digital programming moderate the Aero-Flow’s heat output, maintaining comfort temperatures without wasting energy. Available in sizes from 650w to 2500w with both vertical and horizontal models available.