Electric Towel Rails

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  1. RRP From: £302.4

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    • 2-Stage Heat Output
    • Integrated Timer Function
    • LED Indicator Light
    Heats from 5 - 9m²
    Sizes Available 3
    Wattages 400w - 800w
    warranty 8 Year
  2. Our Price £299.99 inc. VAT
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    • Simple Push-Button Control
    • 2-Stage Heat Output with Timer
    • Soft Industrial Aesthetic
    Heats from 9m²
    warranty 8 Year

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  1. What size towel rail do I need?

    1. If you are looking for a towel rail to heat your entire bathroom you will need to choose a towel rail with a suitable wattage. You can use our radiator wattage calculator to work out the minimum wattage required to heat your room. All you have to do is enter the dimensions of your room and answer a few questions about the insulation of your property. Then you will need to find a towel rail with an equal or greater wattage. So, if you have a 2m x 3m bathroom that requires 550w for effective room heating, you might choose a 600w Ecostrad Towel Radiator.

      If your bathroom is already adequately heated and you just want a towel rail to warm your towels, you should make your choice based on the towel rail’s physical size.

  2. Do you sell electric towel rails with timers, thermostats and programmers?

    1. We sell electric towel rails with a range of energy saving features that can help you save money on your heating bills.

      Our Ecostrad Fina-E towel rails are equipped with a user-friendly thermostat and an integrated 2 hour drying function. You can save energy by adjusting the heat output depending on your preferences. The Ecostrad Fina-E comes with an SOA heating element to make it easier to manage your heating.

      The Terma Leo MEG Thermostatic electric towel rail comes with a thermostat that offers 5 heat settings for adjusting the the temperature of your towel rail.

  3. What’s the difference between dry element and thermal fluid towel rails?

    1. All our ladder-style electric towel rails use one of two heating elements: either a dry element or a thermal fluid.

      Thermal fluid electric towel rails use a liquid element specially formulated for optimum heat generation and retention. The fluid is fully enclosed within the body of the towel rail, which uses an automatic valve to maintain pressure as the fluid heats up. Thermal fluid heating elements provide efficient heating with an even heat distribution across the surface of the radiator. Thermal fluid elements are used in our Haverland and Ecostrad towel rails and some of our Kudox towel rails.

      Dry element towel rails use thin metal wires to heat each rung of the towel rail. Dry element towel rails heat up quickly and respond immediately to changes in programming. They also save energy by heating only the horizontal struts of the towel rail – which is especially useful if you just want a towel rail to dry your towels. Dry heating elements are used in some of our Kudox towel rails.

  4. How do designer towel rails work?

    1. Our Ecostrad Magnum and Haverland XTAL towel rails feature an innovative plasma style design and dry thermal elements to heat the glass surface of the towel rail. The heated glass surface radiates heat into the room, drying towels hung from the aluminium rails quickly and efficiently. The unbroken surface area of our designer towel rails maximises energy efficiency, while the minimalist design provides a stylish centrepiece for your bathroom.

  5. Are electric towel rails safe?

    1. Electric towel rails are a very safe option for bathroom heating, provided they are installed correctly by a qualified electrician, following any guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the product manual. Electric appliances for bathroom installation must be hardwired into a fused spur to ensure safe operation. All our electric towel rails carry an IP rating of at least IPX4 which makes them suitable for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 of your bathroom. All our electric towel rails come with an auto safety cut off feature to prevent overheating.

Electric Towel Rails

Our stylish electric towel radiators provide energy efficient bathroom heating that warms both you and your towels. Once considered a luxury, towel rails are now a staple in all modern bathrooms and are available with sophisticated timers, programmers and thermostats. From our simple yet practical budget towel rails with traditional ladder style designs to our top-of-the-range designer towel rails with plasma style plated glass and brushed steel rails, electric towel rails offer a comfortable and economical bathroom heating solution that can be controlled independently from the rest of your home heating.