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  1. Our Price £89.99 inc. VAT
    • Easy Attach Feet For Free Standing Fitting
    • Casters For Easy Re-Positioning
    • Compatible With Aero Flow Radiators
    warranty 2 Year
  2. Our Price £99.99 inc. VAT
    • Remotely Manage Digi-Line Radiators
    • Control Up To 4 Separate Zones
    • 30 Minute Interval Programming
    warranty 1 Year

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  1. How much can I save with a precision thermostat?

    1. Constantly adjusting your heating according to the temperature can actually lead to higher fuel bills and more energy wastage than a constant low level of heat. Every radiator available to buy today at Electric Radiators Direct features a high precision thermostat which measures the temperature of the air, turning the radiator on or off to maintain the desired temperature. In effect, the thermostat does the same job you do when you switch the radiator on and off – but far more accurately and efficiently, ensuring a comfortable level of heat is always maintained. With good insulation, this could mean your radiator only uses power for a fraction of the time! An easy way to make great savings.

      Because each radiator in your system works independently with its own thermostat, you can be sure that your radiators produce the right amount of heat for each room in your house. Gas central heating systems are all too often controlled by a single thermostat in a central location which gives an unrepresentative measurement of the temperature of other rooms in your house. The heating requirements of the rooms in your house can be radically different, with different levels of insulation, larger or smaller ceiling heights and different numbers of doors and windows. Heating systems which use a single thermostat will often overheat some rooms whilst leaving others too cold. This is not an issue with our electric radiators – a thermostat on each radiator keeps every room at the right temperature.

      Our radiators use some of the most advanced thermostats on the market today. Our state-of-the-art Haverland radiator ranges use precision thermostats accurate to 0.2 of a degree. Less accurate thermostats will let the temperature drop further beneath your desired temperature, making the room too cold and forcing the radiator to work harder to warm up again. They will also waste power raising the temperature too high. Our thermostats ensure that a steady temperature is maintained, keeping you comfortable and your heating energy efficient. Make sure you always purchase electric radiators with integrated thermostats and digital programmers. The savings you can make with these features make our electric radiators much more economical than cheaper radiators which do not have these features.

  2. Are electric radiators difficult to programme?

    1. One of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your heating bills is to programme your heating to come on only when you need it. Programming your heating to turn off when you're out of the house won't impact your comfort – but it'll make you significant savings! That's why all our electric radiators and heaters come with state-of-the-art energy management systems. High precision thermostats and 24/7 programming options using top-of-the-range electronics give you a level of heating control above and beyond that offered by gas central heating systems.

      Programming your heating is the first step to making real energy savings with your electric radiators. Our extensive collection of electric radiators offers multiple programming options – so there really is something for everyone, no matter how tech-savvy you are.

      Most of our electric radiators come with built in 24/7 programmable timers. These timers allow you to set in-depth heating schedules which suit your lifestyle, with a different schedule in each room, if you like. You can set the temperature of the comfort and economy modes and then choose which modes to use for each hour of each day of the week. Each radiator can be programmed individually using the control panel on the face of the radiator. Full programming instructions are included with the radiators – and our friendly after sales team are always on hand to help you if you get stuck. Setting up your radiators initially can be a little time-consuming, but you’re then set for great energy savings every winter – and it’s easy to make adjustments to your heating schedule.

      If you find programming electrical appliances tricky, we’ve got a number of options on hand to make your life that little bit easier. Many of our electric radiators and panel heaters, including the Haverland RC Wave and the Haverland Lodel, are available with optional programming remote controls. A remote control makes programming a little more intuitive – and better still you can do it from the comfort of your favourite chair. Our Electrorad Digi-Line range, meanwhile, comes with an optional central programmer. The central programmer allows you to control your entire electric heating system from a central location – just like you might do with gas central heating. This makes programming quicker and easier, however it reduces the energy savings you can make by controlling your radiators individually.

      For ultimate ease of programming, nothing can beat our newest and most advanced range of electric radiators – the Haverland SmartWave. The SmartWave uses innovative self-learning technology to learn your weekly routine and create a heating schedule to suit. The SmartWave will ensure you’re always comfortable whenever you’re in the house, without wasting a single watt of power when you’re away. For enhanced control, you can purchase your SmartWave radiators with a SmartBox that allows you to control your radiators over the internet. An intuitive heating app makes setting the temperatures of your radiators easy and fun, and best of all you can do it from anywhere in the world – whether you’re out in town, returning home from work or on the other side of the planet. The easiest and most accurate way to save money on your heating bills.

  3. What are the benefits of a central heating programmer?

    1. Our Electrorad Digi-Line radiators are available with an optional central programmer that allows you to control your electric radiators in much the same way as you would control a gas central heating system. This makes programming a quick and easy job – but it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of the energy savings possible when you control your radiators individually. You will still benefit, however, from individual thermostats on each electric radiator which control the temperatures in each room.

  4. How do I install my central heating programmer?

    1. The Electrorad Digi-Line Central Programmer uses radio to communicate with in-built receivers in each of your Digi-Line radiators. This means that no wiring is required, making the product suitable for DIY installation. The programmer is battery powered, so you can wall mount or fit the programmer free standing at your discretion.

  5. Are radiator feet easy to fit?

    1. Yes. All our radiator feet are designed to fit easily onto the base of the radiators for which they were designed. Depending on the make of radiator you choose, the feet will simply slot, click or screw into place.

      Electric radiators which are suitable for free standing fitting will be available with a pair of specially designed radiator feet – usually sold separately as an optional extra. Some of our radiators mount on casters, while others mount on fixed feet. If you want to mount your radiators free standing, make sure you purchase with the appropriate set of feet; radiator feet designed for different products may not be compatible with your electric radiators.

  6. Should I purchase my radiator with a remote control?

    1. Our Haverland RC Wave radiators and Ecostrad Eco panel heater radiators are available with a programming remote control. Whilst the remote control is included with all Eco panel heater radiators, you will need to purchase the remote as an optional extra with the RC Wave.

      We recommend purchasing your electric radiators with a remote control if you struggle with programming, or you want to be able to adjust your heating from the comfort of your favourite chair. Remote controls are especially useful if you are elderly or have limited mobility.

  7. How much does delivery cost on your electric radiator accessories?

    1. Typically, delivery of your radiator accessories will be free if ordered at the same time as your electric radiators – they will simply be shipped inside the packaging of your radiators. However if you decide at a later date that you would like a set of feet or an additional programmer for your radiators, you may need to pay a delivery charge. However, you should always check the delivery information on individual products before making your purchase. For more details, see our delivery terms page.

Electric Radiator Accessories

Install, control and use your electric radiators exactly the way you want with our comprehensive range of electric radiator accessories. In our smart heating collection you’ll find central programmers for traditional style heating, wifi heating hubs to control your heating over the internet, remote controls for easy radiator programming, and easy-attach feet and casters for freestanding electric radiators. Whilst we strive to offer an electric radiator for every eventuality, our range of electric radiator accessories gives you the option to personalise your radiators so that they meet your every need.