Ecostrad VeeSmart Designer Electric Radiator - Black 300w


Ecostrad VeeSmart designer electric radiators combine convenient, app-controlled heating with sleek, contemporary aesthetics - creating a radiator that's both energy-efficient and stylish. This 300w VeeSmart is the smallest in the range: the perfect choice for modest-sized spaces such as guestrooms or personal studies.

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  • Product Details
    • Elegant Contemporary Aesthetic
    • Stylish Horizontal Frame
    • Modern Minimalist Design
    • Thermodynamic Oil Elements
    • Stunning Slate Black Finish
    • Rotating Control Panel
    • 8 Year Warranty on Heater Body
    • Intelligent Controllable Heating Element
    • Control with Bluetooth Enabled Device
    • Android & iOS Compatible
    • 7 Day Programming via App
    • Timer Function
    • Frost Protection Mode
    • Power Usage Monitor
    • Hardwired Installation Only
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    Brand Ecostrad
    Product Weight (kg) 13.4
    Depth (mm) 40
    Height (mm) 600
    Width (mm) 390
    Wattage (w) 300
    Cable Length (m) 1.5
    IP Rating IPX5
    Suitable for Bathrooms Zone 3 Only
    IEC Class Protection Class I
    Country of Manufacture Poland
    Radiator Elements 8
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 3.5
    Room Size - Poor Insulation (m²) 2.5
  • Manuals & Installation

    The VeeSmart is designed for a professional, hardwired fitting only and is not supplied with a plug for this very reason. The radiator must be hardwired into a fused spur. Attaching a plug to the cable will void the warranty. This VeeSmart is designed for horizontal installation only and must not be hung vertically. If you require an upright heating solution, please see our range of vertical VeeSmart electric radiators.

    Download or view the Ecostrad VeeSmart radiator manual and thermostat manual.

    Download or view the Ecostrad VeeSmart specification.

    Download the Terma BlueLine app for Android or iOS.

    The radiator body and the heating element will arrive in the same box, but will need to be connected by your installer. Please be aware that the larger sizes are heavy, so you may need two people to lift and mount your radiators. Please note that our 1000w horizontal VeeSmart electric radiators come fitted with 2 x Terma KTX 4 Blue heating elements. To access the full programming capabilities of the VeeSmart, a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile device is required.

    VeeSmart radiators are rated IPX5 and can be installed in a suitable bathroom location by a professional electrician. They must be hardwired and wall-mounted in a location at least 1m away from water sources to prevent surface corrosion. For further installation information, please see the VeeSmart mounting guide and product dimensions.

    We always advise consulting a qualified electrician before having multiple radiators or heaters connected to avoid overloading the ring main of your property. If you are at all unsure about the scale of your project, a professional will be able to provide in-depth guidance.

  • Warranty
    All Ecostrad VeeSmart radiators come with an 8 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the powder-coated finish and a separate 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the electronic heating element.
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Few electric heating solutions offer the prestige of the Ecostrad VeeSmart, with its high-quality steel body, sophisticated design and precision control. These designer radiators fulfil two room requirements in one: providing comfortable and efficient heat, as well as an elegant accent to any interior design scheme. This small 300w version of the VeeSmart has a horizontal body finished with a slate black powder coating to create a pleasing contrast against your décor.

Programming & Control

One of the most impressive features of the VeeSmart is its cutting-edge Terma KTX 4 Blue heating element, which offers a level of control on par with some of our most advanced electric heating systems. Using the Terma BlueLine heating app and a Bluetooth enabled mobile device, you can adjust your VeeSmart’s heat levels from your phone or tablet with ease and even create a custom 7-day heating schedule. If you don't want to use a mobile device to control the VeeSmart, the heating element also includes a simple, push-button interface which allows the heater’s output to be increased or decreased incrementally between 1 – 5 stages. The interface is situated on the right side of the radiator and can be rotated by up to 90 degrees for ease of use.

Heating Element

The KTX 4 Blue incorporates a host of other useful functions to make your VeeSmart convenient and easy to use. If you only want to use the VeeSmart for a short period of time, you can make use of its convenient timer function. This feature allows the radiator to warm for a restricted period between 1 – 4 hours, after which it will switch off automatically. An anti-frost mode is also included, which will activate when ambient temperatures fall below 6 °C to prevent pipes from freezing. A temperature sensor in the KTX 4 Blue element limits the maximum operating temperature of the VeeSmart to 60 °C. As an additional safeguard against overheating, the heating rod also includes a fuse which will cut power to the radiator if it exceeds a temperature of 82 °C.


The VeeSmart has an IPX5 protection rating, making it suitable for installation in bathrooms, provided it is hardwired by an electrician and mounted at least 1m away from water sources to prevent surface corrosion. Though the VeeSmart is not suitable for plug-in installation, it can be quickly and easily wired into a fused spur by a professional. This version of the VeeSmart is designed to be installed horizontally, as pictured. Please see our range of vertical VeeSmarts for heating solutions that can be installed upright on narrow stretches of wall.

Versatile, Visionary, VeeSmart.
Sophisticated Modern Design
The sleek, contemporary look of the VeeSmart will bring out the best in any interior, offering an understated appeal all of its own.
Smart Control from Your Phone
Manage your heating from your phone or tablet with the VeeSmart’s innovative Bluetooth controller and app, available on iOS and Android.
Adaptable Heating for Modern Life
Using the VeeSmart’s heating app, you can program your radiators hour by hour, day by day for reliable comfort throughout the week.
Improved Heat Retention
VeeSmart electric radiators come pre-filled with a thermal fluid for superior heat retention and optimum energy efficiency.
Ultra Slim, Ultra Stylish
At a depth of 40mm, few electric radiators are as slim as the VeeSmart. Its minimalistic aesthetic makes it a stylish and unobtrusive choice for any room.
8 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
All VeeSmart designer electric radiators have their powder-coated finish covered by an 8 Year Warranty for extra peace of mind.
Quality craftsmanship meets minimalist design
VeeSmart radiators are hand-crafted to an exceptional level of quality, with every part of the process closely checked and tested by specialists. Its enhanced heat retention, advanced digital programming and clean, contemporary aesthetic elevate the VeeSmart to one of the best in class.
Convenient features at a touch

Using the compatible Terma BlueLine heating app, any number of VeeSmart designer electric radiators can be paired to your mobile device using Bluetooth. Create multiple weekly schedules, adjust the programming for each of your heaters, or set different temperatures in every room – the app provides complete control from a point of use that’s always to hand. It also offers the total daily operation time for each heater so you can calculate your running costs and identify where to save energy. The Terma app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and has an intuitive graphic user interface.

Sophisticated Heating | Clear-Cut Control

The VeeSmart comes with a revolutionary KTX4 Blue heating element that allows your radiators to be controlled via Bluetooth. If you prefer to adjust your heating manually, the element itself offers responsive control with the push of a button. Select from 5 heat levels using the + and – keys, set a 4-hour timer with ease, and isolate individual radiators by turning them on or off. Whether you prefer to use the app or the heating element itself, the KTX 4 Blue has you covered – providing convenient, hassle-free heating at your fingertips.

Horizontal & Vertical Options
We stock horizontal and vertical versions of the VeeSmart in both black and white. Browse our full range today for inspiration.
Anti-Frost Feature
The VeeSmart’s anti-frost feature activates when temperatures drop below 6 °C to prevent pipes from freezing.
Thermal Fuse for Safety
An internal sensor in the element limits the maximum operating temperature of the VeeSmart to 60 °C and includes an additional thermal fuse which cuts power if it exceeds 82 °C.