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  1. Who are Ecostrad?

    1. Ecostrad are an electric heating manufacturer with an emphasis on providing the latest heating technology and stylish, cutting-edge designs. Ecostrad products encompass low-cost, affordable products as well as modern designer electric radiators. Whatever your requirements, there’s an Ecostrad electric radiator that caters to them.

  2. Are Ecostrad products controllable?

    1. The majority of Ecostrad electric radiators come with integrated controls, allowing you to create detailed heating schedules, adjust temperatures, and turn your heaters on/off. Ecostrad’s range of designer electric radiators even come with Bluetooth capability, so you can adjust your heating with a compatible smart device without having to manually interact with each radiator.

  3. What size electric radiators do I need?

    1. The required size of your electric radiators is determined by multiple factors, such as the level of insulation in your property, its age, and how big your rooms are. A good rule of thumb is to overspecify the size of your radiators, rather than underspecify. Overspecifying allows your radiators to work less in order to heat your room, which ultimately cuts down on running costs. Underspecifying will force your radiators to work harder to heat your space, often incurring larger heating bills. Take a look at our handy radiator calculator to determine what total wattage is required to heat your space. Or, alternatively, call our sales team who can offer friendly advice and provide a no-obligation quote for your space.

  4. What is a designer electric radiator?

    1. A designer electric radiator is a heating system with an emphasis on style and controllability. Whereas conventional electric radiators may only be available in one design and finished in white, designer electric radiators come in multiple colours, finishes, and orientations – providing a modern, designer accent to your spaces. For statement heating that’s sure to turn heads, browse our range of Ecostrad designer radiators today.

Ecostrad Electric Radiators Overview

Ecostrad are a heating manufacturer dedicated to providing unique, stylish, and intelligent electric heating solutions. Characterised by their modern design, intuitive controls, and high-quality construction, Ecostrad products represent the latest in electric heating technology – offering multiple designs and styles of electric radiator. Our Ecostrad range includes elegant designer radiators for chic contemporary spaces, as well as affordable German radiators that offer high-quality, low-cost heating. Whether you’re redecorating your home and require bold statement heating, or simply fancy an upgrade on your current heating system, look to our range of Ecostrad electric radiators today.