Ecostrad Allora Vertical Designer Electric Radiators - White Double Panel


Slim, stylish and elegant, the Allora vertical designer electric radiator adds a dash of contemporary flair to any interior. Featuring curved bars with an oval profile, these double panel radiators provide comfortable warmth for larger rooms, and are also Bluetooth controllable for extra ease of use. Allora radiators are engineered specifically for electric heating and use unique Fast-Flo technology for superior reliability and efficiency.

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Model: AL-VD-16W Wattage: 1200w Heats up to: 7m2 Dimensions: 236mm x 1600mm x 79mm
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Model: AL-VD-17W Wattage: 1200w Heats up to: 8m2 Dimensions: 236mm x 1780mm x 79mm
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The Ecostrad Allora vertical electric radiator combines sophisticated aesthetics and advanced control to transform the image of comfort heating. These double-panel electric radiators have a slimline body which allows them to warm larger areas without taking up too much wall space. If you have a room with an awkward layout, they’re a superb option and will offer reliable warmth whilst giving you more freedom to arrange your décor as you see fit.

Heating Technology

The Allora has been designed from the ground up to work as an electric radiator, delivering efficient heating that you can rely on every day. Unlike many designer heaters that flood the market, it’s not a repurposed central heating radiator poorly converted to electric. Ecostrad Allora radiators use unique Fast-Flo technology which perfectly adapts them to the needs of electric heating, allowing for superior internal heat circulation in a way that central heating radiators can’t replicate. To increase efficiency, each Allora is pre-filled with an engineered thermal oil for greater heat retention and a slower cool-down time, spreading warmth evenly across the whole body of the appliance. No matter if temperatures drop, the oil inside the Allora will never freeze, so you can rest easy knowing that your heating system is protected against the worst of the weather.

MOA Blue Heating Element

For easy and intuitive control over your heating, the Ecostrad Allora comes with a Bluetooth element that can be programmed using a smartphone or tablet. Just download the Terma BlueLine heating app and program each heater individually from a single, portable point of use. Set a custom heating schedule for every day of the week, hour by hour, to enjoy efficient heating that completely conforms to your daily routine. The app also provides access to energy usage statistics, and when a tariff rate is added, it can calculate your running costs to help you identify where to save money. It also allows you to program your heating using either the radiator’s internal temperature or the external ambient room temperature.

The MOA Blue heating element has a push-button interface for manual control and lets you access 1-5 heat levels and a 2-hour drying function. It comes with a frost protection mode to stop the ambient temperature of your room dropping below 6 °C and has an internal sensor that limits the maximum operating temperature to 60 °C. To protect the Allora from overheating, a thermal fuse will also cut power to the electric radiator in the event it exceeds 82 °C.

Installation & Fitting

Ecostrad Allora designer electric radiators come with an IPX5 splashproof rating and can be installed in bathrooms when hardwired by a professional electrician. The radiator body and heating element will arrive as two separate parcels so please ensure that you have both items before booking a contractor for installation. An electrician will be required to fit the element to the radiator and hardwire it to the mains.