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New to electric radiators? Here's what you need to know

What are electric radiators?

Electric radiators are an easy-install, efficient heating solution. Cost-effective for the whole home, there are also quick-and-easy portable options available for single rooms.

They are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional central heating, using electricity to create heat rather than hot water. Providing a modular heating system that’s suitable for use throughout the home, they allow you to add new radiators into your system with ease. Electric radiators feature precision digital thermostats, in-built energy-saving features, and come in a range of different designs, styles, and finishes to suit any space. If you’re looking for a modern, eco-conscious heating solution to replace storage heaters or central heating, look no further than our range of efficient and stylish products.

Benefits of electric heating

  • Simple installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Accurate thermostats
  • Weekly programming
  • Smart control available
  • In-built energy saving features
  • Zero maintenance
  • No risk of carbon monixide
  • Wide range of sizes & styles

Benefits of electric radiators

In-depthDigital Programming
No Heat Loss From Boiler or Pipes
Highly Accurate Digital Thermostats
100% Efficiency (All electricity is used for heat)
Open Window Detection
Precision Temperature Regulation
Quicker Heat up Times
No MaintenanceRequired

Are electric radiators energy efficient?

All electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use, which simply means all of the power drawn from the wall is converted in to heat. Some products go a step further however, offering advanced energy saving features that help to cut monthly bills and minimise waste.

The easiest and simplest of these energy-saving features is digital programming, which allows you to specify precisely what rooms are heated and to what extent. Because programmable electric radiators are a modular heating system, you can run separate radiators to different schedules, ensuring you’re never heating the whole home or losing heat through extensive pipework for the sake of one room. Additional features also include open-window detection, which pauses your heating if a sharp drop in temperature is detected, and adaptive start, which allows your radiators to pre-heat ahead of schedule to ensure they always reach the right temperature at the right time. Find out more about radiator efficiency here or, if you want to learn about electric radiator running costs, read our in-depth guide.

What’s the difference between electric radiators and electric heaters?

The crucial difference between these two products is in how they produce warmth: electric radiators create radiant heat, whereas electric heaters rely on warming the surrounding air. It might not seem like a huge difference but this is actually what makes radiators much more efficient to run compared to products like panel heaters and fan heaters, which only heat via convection.

Radiant heat is a long-lasting form of warmth because it’s absorbed and retained by our surroundings. It’s not affected by air movement, so even if there’s the occasional draught, your rooms will stay warm throughout the day. The fact that electric radiators give off a third of their heat as radiation means that they can keep rooms warm using less energy, which in turn means lower running costs. Electric heaters that rely on convection are much more prone to heat loss because the warm air they create can be easily lost through open doors and windows. This is why most panel heaters have higher wattages compared to radiators because they have to work harder to keep rooms comfortably heated. In general, electric heaters are all about short-term comfort because they can create heat quickly by warming the air, whereas radiators are about providing an efficient, enduring warmth through radiation, which is much better for all-day use. If you want to know more about the main differences between these two product types, read more here.

How do I choose the size of my electric radiator?

Our electric radiator calculator can help you find the right size radiator for your space. All it takes is 3 steps: we’ll ask you for room dimensions, basic information about your property, then finally a rough indication of where it’s located in the UK.

Using this information, we’ll provide you with a minimum estimated wattage for your space so you can choose a radiator or multiple radiators that meet your requirements. If you can’t find a product that has the exact wattage you need, don’t worry – just round up to the next available size to ensure that you’re choosing a heater that will be able to comfortably heat your space. Please note that our calculator is designed to specify wattages for electric radiators only. For all other products, please see their ‘heats up to’ values to find a heating solution that will suit your room size, or give our Sales team a call, who will be more than happy to walk you through your available options.

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Electric Radiators Direct

Welcome to Electric Radiators Direct, suppliers of energy efficient electric radiators and towel rails. We champion electric heating as the heating solution of the future because it is carbon free, ideal for use with sustainable energy and perfectly adapted to take advantage of SMART electronic technology. Once upon a time, electric heating was limited to rudimentary storage heaters designed to save money by heating up overnight using cheap rate electricity and releasing heat during the day. Inefficient, bulky, and difficult to control, storage heaters are rarely popular in homes today. However, not all homeowners realise that electric heating has evolved in recent decades, and now electric radiators offer an easy-install, maintenance free heating option with running costs to rival gas central heating.

Electric radiators are a fantastic forward-looking heating solution because they run equally well whether your electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels or by harnessing sustainable resources. As fossil fuels become scarcer and renewable energy increasingly dominates the energy sector, electric radiators provide an adaptable heating option than keeps up with the changing times.

The company was founded in 2013 to meet the rising demand for energy efficient electric radiators at affordable prices. Since then we have been committed to making comfortable heating with a low carbon footprint an affordable option for all households and businesses, whatever the budget.

When you shop at Electric Radiators Direct you will find a comprehensive range of products with something for every property, design scheme and budget. Our website is packed full of useful information, and, if you’re still unsure, our friendly team of heating advisors are only a phone call away. At Electric Radiators Direct we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service with an award-winning team here to help you before, during and after your purchase. We also offer free next day delivery on most items and a 30 day money back guarantee and best price promise on all our products.

Sounds good? Then come and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already installed electric radiators in homes and businesses across the country!