Convector Electric Heaters

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    • Fast Acting Convection Heat
    • Wall Mounted and Free Standing Fitting
    • Remote Control, Thermostat and 24/7 Programmer
    Heats from 12m²
    warranty 2 Year

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  1. What are convector heaters?

    1. Convector heaters or convection heaters are heating systems that heat purely by warming the air. This includes fan heaters, panel heaters, industrial air heaters, and trench heaters. Currently, all the convection heaters we sell at Electric Radiators Direct are panel heaters.

      Panel heaters look very like electric radiators but it’s important not to confuse the two! The key difference between them is that panel heaters only heat by convection, whilst electric radiators also radiate heat. This means that panel heaters are not quite as efficient as radiators, but they do heat up quickly and heat rooms effectively. They’re significantly cheaper than electric radiators so a good choice in rooms you use less often.

  2. Do I need a convector heater or an electric radiator?

    1. Electric radiators and convector heaters come with their own sets of benefits that make them suitable for use in different locations.

      Convector heaters have a cheaper price tag than electric radiators but are more expensive to run because of their relatively poor efficiency. Despite this fact, they’re still very popular, because they heat up quickly and are more effective than cheap fan heaters. They’re best used as top-up heaters alongside your primary heating system, or as heaters in rooms that get used infrequently.

      Electric radiators cost more initially but are more efficient and cheaper to run in the long-term. They’re the best choice for primary home heating in the rooms you use regularly because they provide a comfortable mix of convection and long lasting radiant heat.

  3. Can panel heaters be installed DIY?

    1. Many panel heaters come with a plug, so they can be easily installed DIY. Wall mounted panel heaters simply fit onto brackets screwed into the wall, much like a TV, whilst free standing panel heaters normally come with a set of feet which can be clipped onto the base. Some panel heaters don’t come with a plug, just a length of cable; these will have to be hardwired by an electrician, unless you want to fit a plug on the end yourself.

  4. What size convector heater do I need?

    1. All of our convector heaters indicate what size area they will be able to heat in ideal conditions. You should choose a heater suitable for the area size you want to heat – if in doubt, always go larger rather than smaller to ensure your space will be adequately warm. If you choose a heater that’s underpowered, it will be constantly struggling to heat a space that it’s not designed to cope with and use much more energy in the process.

      Remember, because they only heat by convection, the height of the room will make a big difference to the effectiveness of the heaters. If the room is any more than 2.7m high, you should choose the next size up.

      Panel heaters lose heat quickly so you will always need a higher wattage panel heater than you would an electric radiator to maintain comfort temperatures. Using a radiator calculator to work out what size panel heater you’ll need will never provide you with a usable estimation for this precise reason.

Convector Electric Heaters

Convector heaters are well known for their instant, comforting warmth and heat purely by convection. As air passes through the body of the heater it is warmed by the hot elements inside, then circulated around the room. Convection heaters may not be the most energy efficient source of heat, but their rapid and thorough warmth makes them an excellent solution for heating less frequently used rooms or as a backup for traditional central heating systems. Our range of convector heaters can be used freestanding to provide warmth exactly where required, or wall mounted as a more permanent fixture in rooms less often used.