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  1. Who are Burda?

    1. The shortwave infrared heating market is dominated by a few key players, one of which is Burda, based in Germany and established in 1990. They are a company that pride themselves on their ability to innovate within their industry and provide a diverse range of products to suit a variety of outdoor heating needs – from small heaters for domestic use, to models appropriate for large-scale commercial application.

  2. How do quartz heaters work?

    1. Quartz heaters work by heating a tungsten filament to over 2000 °C to produce a type of infrared heat known as shortwave or near infrared. The filament is encased in a quartz tube filled with halogen gas, which work together to protect the filament and ensure the longevity of the product. Reflectors inside the housing help to project the infrared heat outwards so that it can be directed where it’s needed. The higher intensity of shortwave infrared is ideal for outdoor applications as it’s better equipped to counteract the colder temperatures experienced outside.

  3. What’s the difference between Burda Smart and Burda Term 2000 heaters?

    1. Burda’s Term 2000 series produces the least amount of visible light using their ultra-low glare heating elements and reflectors, so they’re often the best choice if you think you will need a heater that’s less obtrusive when in operation. The more intensive manufacturing process is reflected in the higher pricing for this range, but they represent the more convenient and comfortable choice if you think you will use your outdoor heater regularly.

      The Smart series is lower priced because the elements used in this range emit a higher amount of glare, however this is still greatly reduced over standard quartz models in other product ranges. The Smart range is excellent if you need a budget shortwave infrared heater for occasional use in draughty indoor spaces, or if you want a low cost heating solution for use on your patio.

Burda Electric Heaters

Burda are specialists in infrared heating systems and have an extensive range of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Burda heaters utilise low glare infrared technology, which radiates waves of heat directly onto people, surfaces and objects – an incredibly efficient method of heating that converts almost 100% of energy into heat – and immediately provides a comforting warmth and reassuring orange glow. The versatility of Burda heaters make them ideal for use in a wide range of establishments, from pub been gardens providing patrons with cosy seating areas to large warehouses and industrial spaces that are susceptible to cold air and draughts.