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  1. RRP From: £309.99

    Our Price From: £278.99  inc. VAT

    • Home & Business Heating
    • Comfortable Far Infrared
    • Smart Control with WiFi Hub
    Heats from 5 - 29m²
    Sizes Available 9
    Wattages 250w - 1250w
    warranty 10 Year
  2. Special Price Our Price £458.99 inc. VAT Regular Price £509.99
    • Slimline Heating Panel
    • Comfortable Far Infrared Heat
    • DIY Fitting - Just Add Plug
    Heats from 12m²
    warranty 10 Year
  3. Special Price Our Price £485.99 inc. VAT Regular Price £539.99
    • Ceramic Heating Elements
    • Comfortable Radiant Heat
    • Industrial Heating Solution
    Heats from 15m²
    warranty 5 Year
  4. Our Price £549.99 inc. VAT
    • Intuitive Automatic Charging
    • 24/7 Digital Programming
    • Optional WiFi Control
    Heats from 9m²
    warranty 5 Year

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Customer Questions

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  1. Which electric heaters are best for whole home heating?

    1. For effective and economical heat throughout your home, we recommend either infrared panels or storage heaters.

      Storage heaters are designed for use with economy electrical tariffs and work by charging and storing heat overnight when rates are cheaper to provide a ready source of heat for the following day. By avoiding using the inflated daytime rates, storage heaters can be a very economical heating system, though it’s worth noting that they tend to work best for people who stay at home during the day. Modern storage heaters come with full weekly programming and a greater range of energy-saving features, making them much more accessible to first-time users compared to older models.

      Infrared panels are very different to storage heaters in their method of heating. Where storage heaters use convection to heat the air volume in a space, infrared heaters use radiant heat to warm the surface area of a room. The radiant heat they produce is easily absorbed and retained by the surrounding walls and surfaces, so though their initial heat-up time takes longer, they only ever switch back on occasionally to top-up heat levels. These heaters can be used on a standard electric tariff and offer very low running costs because of their efficient form of heating. Unlike storage heaters, they do not come with integrated controls so you will need to purchase a thermostat separately.

      Storage heaters may be the better choice if you tend to stay at home during the day or if you’re already on an economy electrical tariff, whereas infrared panels may be the preferable choice if you intend to remain on a standard tariff and want an efficient system with a modern aesthetic.

  2. Do I have to use the same electric heating system throughout my home?

    1. The beauty of electric heating is that you’re free to mix and match your heaters as you please. You can have an infrared panel in the bathroom, a panel heater in your home office and electric radiators everywhere else. The only exception to the rule is storage heaters because they rely on an economy tariff to provide economical warmth. To make the most of your economy tariff and to avoid using the inflated day time rates, you’ll be much better off using storage heaters throughout most of your property.

  3. Which of your bestselling electric heaters have the lowest running costs?

    1. Storage heaters are a tried-and-tested method of economical home heating but you’ll need to be on an economy electrical tariff to reap the savings they offer. These heaters use the cheaper night time rates of an economy tariff to create and store heat overnight. With a bank of stored heat to release during the day, they avoid using the inflated daytime rates and can keep running costs exceptionally low if used properly.

      Infrared heaters also have very low running costs even though they’re designed for use on a standard tariff. That’s because these heaters use radiant heat, which is more easily absorbed and retained by the walls and surfaces of your property. Radiant heat also isn’t affected by air movement so less heat is lost through draughts. As more heat is retained, infrared panels don’t need as high a wattage compared to other heating solutions and have very low running costs in the long term, especially when paired with thermostatic controls.

      Panel heaters can have low running costs if used appropriately. They’re designed for infrequent on-demand heating, so if you’re only using them every now and again, you’ll still find them to be an economical heating solution. It’s important to note that panel heaters are not designed as a primary heat source because their convected heat is easily lost through draughts. This means if you tend to use them regularly and for long periods, you may find their use inflates your energy bills.

  4. Can I use electric heaters in bathrooms?

    1. Bathrooms need a little more care when it comes to choosing an electric heater because many types are not suitable. Electric radiators, panel heaters and storage heaters are generally unsuitable candidates because there’s far too much temptation for people to place towels over them to dry, which can cause the appliance to overheat and cause a hazard. Furthermore, many of these products do not have suitable protection against water so you’ll always need to cross-check a product’s IP rating with its intended installation zone in your bathroom.

      The two best electric heaters for bathrooms are towel rails and infrared panels. Mirror infrared panels are a particularly good fit because they provide effective bathroom heating as well as a convenient reflective surface to help with your morning routine. Our infrared panels have high IP ratings that will suit most bathroom zones and are exceptionally slimline – perfect for small en suites and cloakrooms that need to make the most of the space available. Towel rails are better for larger bathrooms and provide effective storage and heat all in one. These products are specially designed for use in bathrooms and also have high IP ratings to ensure they’re well protected against any splashes of water. Depending on the output of the heater, they can also provide room heating as well as warming your towels.

Our Bestselling Electric Heaters

Electric heaters encompass a broad range of products so there’s plenty to choose from in our selection of bestsellers. We offer ultra-slim and ultra-stylish infrared panels, storage heaters for economical home heating, and panel heaters for convenient on-demand heat. Many of our products come with integrated 24/7 programming and energy-saving features to improve usability and minimise running costs. Our selection also includes outdoor heaters, from vigorous and effective quartz heaters, all the way to discreet and compact ceramic heaters. Whatever your style, we offer solutions to fit every home and every budget.